Are You GAMBLING Away Your Savings?


If you entrust your retirement or other savings to anyone else, you might as well be gambling at the Wall St. “casino!”


Why? Because:

Companies may fail

Investments may fail

Even markets may fail

Allow me to identify cause and effect first, by asking a few more pointed questions: If someone told you that you could retire WITHOUT investing a dime, simply by consistently and repeatedly burying money in your backyard, under your mattress, in a home safe, or hiding it in the house somewhere, would you call him or her a kook? Again, granted only that you did this repeatedly and consistently? That is, saved the money?

We have come to believe, through constant “propaganda” that such a person is indeed, “two bricks shy of a load!” But that belief would actually be 100% wrong! As hard to believe as it may sound, when you are in control of your money, including your own retirement and savings, you can “retire” quite wealthy without literally investing one dime. It is dependent only on the type of money you buried, or perhaps I should simply say stored, and the frequency and amount buried/stored!


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As the saying goes, even a broken clock is correct twice/day. The pundits always know better than you do when it comes to telling you what to do with your money. Hint: they want you to give it to them! Next time you see a TV commercial for a brokerage, investment, or retirement planning company, consider their view of you! Do they pass themselves off as being the experts? Do they leave you feeling as if it is all too confusing and you need them?

But even the pundits are correct once in a while. The following article talks about how much you should be saving. It identifies how much should be saved based on when your retirement plan is begun. It suggests a plan that pays an annual return of 5.5% and does not include taxes. It does not discuss the rate of taxation, nor the rate of inflation. And it does not include the reality that any 401(k), IRA, or Pension savings plan is dependent on a market which you do not control. The only real wisdom it alludes to, although it does not discuss, is the principle of “paying yourself first!”

The rate of real inflation makes the idea of 5.5% annual return (on paper money) assumption mind-bogglingly too low. Finally, the very fact that one is not saving a tangible hard asset belittles the very fact that such return is based on a paper trading market (stocks, commodities, bonds, etc.) that are already a house of cards ready to implode!!


In my first article, we touched upon the importance of owning and SAVING GOLD as a safe store of wealth, and several factors to consider in what type of GOLD to own and SAVE. In this post, we’re going to cover an angle on you planning your own “retirement” using GOLD! I offer no financial advice or strategies, because there is no such advice needed nor offered! If you think you need to run this by a licensed retirement planning specialist feel free, but there are not a whole lot of things that need to go into planning your retirement by saving GOLD! This is a rather important distinction. Your traditional 401(k), IRA, or Pension plans rely on a broker’s/fund manager’s knowledge of the markets, what is hot, what is not, and trends. But you still need to make decisions on general allotments to place your savings within. Saving GOLD consistently and repeatedly requires no knowledge of the markets, because it is not an investment, it is a safe store of wealth that preserves purchasing power and acts as a true hedge against inflation! And remember, when it comes to brokers/fund managers, and financial planners, your licensed financial planner is an “in the system/by the system” trained person. If they realize you don’t need them to accomplish your plans, you may find their advice…eh em, curious, to say it nicely. That said, if you were in my shoes, here is what I would be considering:

We have become accustomed to retirement “vehicles” like 401(k), IRA and Pension savings plans. Remember, these didn’t even exist in the days when folks still had bank savings! And of course, most everyone is well aware of social security. But what do ALL of these programs have in common? You are NOT in charge! You don’t call the shots, decide how the money is invested, used, or even accessed! If you have a mortgage on your home and/or land, a loan for your car, boat or other toys, do you own them? If you have land or real property, what happens to “your” land if you quit paying the property tax? Yeah, it is one of the most obnoxious of all taxes because it recurs and supports things you may well protest if you knew! There are few things that have not been usurped by government bureaucracy that you own free and clear of encumbrance! All of your “retirement” programs, whether government run directly or regulated, are out of your legal control!

Let us start with social security. Sorry, but I simply have to call a spade a spade. I call it socialist insecurity! It is the largest “ponzi scheme” ever devised. It robs our children of their future, it is entirely unbiblical, and it flat out does not work! Did you know you don’t own your social security benefits? If you did, you would have ownership of the social security account, which would be a “negotiable instrument.” If you owned it, you could will it to your family. If you owned it, you could sell it to someone else or bequeath it to your church or a charity. And when you die? Does your family get to keep what is left of what you had removed from your paychecks while you worked? And what about government “moving the goalpost” with regard to age, need or amount? Socialist insecurity is nothing less than a violation of your constitutional right against involuntary servitude (13th amendment)! But that doesn’t stop “employers” from taking it from your paycheck, whether you agree to it or not. It is institutionalized legalized theft! Government controls it, and you don’t. Now foreigners can get social security benefits in the “Land of the Free!” But the saddest part, is the lack of ability to actually provide enough benefit to those retiring—and this is why it doesn’t work! If it worked, we should not need to have such things as 401(k)s, IRAs, or Pension savings!


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How about pension savings? Those that are government or quasi-government run are well…government run! We all know how well governments manage money. As Ronald Reagan quipped, it is like “giving whiskey and car keys to a teenager!” We just saw what the ultimate end result of fiat money systems are, by the recent example of Detroit! How would you like to have worked for 40 years (your entire career) for the city of Detroit, only to get to retirement this month, and find out that at best, you’re going to take a 90% haircut on your pension savings…or even 100%?!

Most people also miss the fact that 401(k)s and IRAs are “property” of Wall St.!! How is that you say? Consider the financial meltdowns that have occurred since 2007, with Refco, Bear-Stearns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and more recently MF Global. These banks/brokerages had the audacity to do such acts as co-mingling account holder funds and go “play” the market. What you thought were your funds are under charter agreements to be the property of the bank/brokerage the minute the paper arrives at these houses of ill repute! I say “ill repute” because they make prostitution seem heavenly in comparison. Today, Jon Corzine walks a FREE man, and will never serve a day in jail for his firm’s crimes. In fact he is even planning another hedge fund last I heard! Bernie Madoff was an amateur by comparison! So, we can just trust the justice system (“just us”) to clean up the rampant corruption, right?

It was only recently, the courts acknowledged your money in the bank is not your own. The same goes for brokerages. There is your “just us” system in action! So once the banks and Wall St. have your money, it is well, not your money! Even if you decide you want to have a “precious metals IRA” you don’t physically hold possession of the metal. A brokerage may well hold it, but given any of the above, does that make you feel safer? Why pay a hedge fund manager, brokerage or other, to churn your money to make themselves a profit? The market is not real anyway. When “Benji bucks” are the only thing keeping the market afloat, I would be withdrawing 100% of my money from their clutches, even if I had to suffer the tax/penalty/interest consequences!

So what things might a man SAVE by “paying himself first” that can be used as a non-depreciating asset other than precious metals?

One could save real estate. However, it is not necessarily divisible and it is not consistent—no two pieces of real estate are EXACTLY alike, it is not transportable, and not necessarily “liquid” when needed quickly. The value of real estate can, and has fallen, in relation to the “perceived” value of a paper dollar. Witness the “housing bubble” that popped in 2007! There are no guarantees you will make “x” amount from the sale of real estate.

One could save diamonds or colored diamonds. Diamonds definitely hold their value! But again, diamonds are not divisible. If you divided a diamond, you would change the shape/cut, and probably the quality. They too, are not consistent. No two diamonds are identical. If divided, they cannot be brought to a refiner and “glued” back together and retain the value of the original whole. They too, are not necessarily liquid when needed quickly.

One could save base metals (nickel, copper, lead, iron, aluminum, uranium, or zinc). But you would need impractical amounts of any one of them to have a store of value, which would be far too large to transport. Uranium is also radioactive! They can be exchanged reasonably easy enough, but not conveniently!

Perhaps it sounds like we’re “treading water” here, but at least we have identified real issues, and possible solutions, right? So let’s get to the point already! It is time for families to be their own financial managers! Unfortunately, that really does not seem to happen anymore! You don’t control your bank account, your brokerage account (stocks, bonds, commodities), your 401(k), IRA or pension savings account, and you don’t even control your own paycheck! The system is broken beyond repair! There is no way to fix it with paper money! That is why we need to ABANDON paper dollars! The day of reckoning is upon us! Do you want to go the way of Germany in the 30s, Russia in the 90s, Argentina in the ought-0s, or Cyprus just the spring of 2013? We have to do something, because we know politicians and liberals are only going to elevate the welfare state at our expense using “their” phony phuny money! And we know we can’t expect the “just us” system to reign in corruption!

Listen folks, again, the reality is:


Companies may fail

Investments may fail

Even markets may fail


But GOLD always has and always will be a safe store of wealth!


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Let’s move into some good news: A SOLUTION that is both practical and realizable!


GOLD has been money for 6,000+ years. But until recently, GOLD was not affordable to the average family. Please refer to my recent blog article:


for much important background in considering how and why you might buy GOLD.


If you have that information fresh in mind, you might now consider the benefits of SAVING GOLD in lieu of socialist insecurity, 401(k)s, IRAs, or pension savings…here is a short list of benefits of SAVING AFFORDABLE currency-grade GOLD bullion that I have identified:

Affordable: Means it can be acquired by the average person;

Currency-grade:Means it can actually be used as a medium of exchange without conversion back to paper;

Spendable: Meaning it is accepted by merchants as payment for goods and services.

But most important for a family, here are 8 benefits to a GOLD savings account:

1) No limit to the amount that can be SAVED! What is the limit to the amount a person can save with a 401(k) or an IRA or a pension savings plan? I don’t know of any that do not have limits! With affordable GOLD (or SILVER) bullion, you decide how much you want to SAVE and when! You can change it at any time, too!


2) No age or need limit to access SAVINGS! Many folks trying to begin such SAVINGS are doing so out of lack of preparation or knowledge of the possibility/capability to manage their own money. Emergencies come up, and some folks are effectively forced into retirement. The age or need “goalposts” cannot be moved when you are in control of your savings!

3) No tax, penalty or interest to early access of SAVINGS! While I can understand the idea of interest to dissuade someone from accessing savings based on age or need, that should be YOUR call, not someone else treating you like an infant. You are smart enough to figure out what you need to do. Quit listening to the criminal cabal, they only act to enrich themselves or are ignorant of truth. Why should you be paying a penalty with regard to your own money? Why should you be taxed on saving your own money? Such GOLD SAVINGS accounts reduce burden on these ponzi scheme legalized theft systems!


4) SECURE! Cannot be legislatively or otherwise confiscated by banks, brokerages (Wall St.) or government(s)! I cannot over-emphasize this. It is YOUR MONEY, not someone else’s! Once one realizes that your bank account, your brokerage account and therefore, your 401(k)/IRA/Pension accounts are not one’s own, it is time to make a change! In the last blog post, I mentioned that government issued coins and bullion can be legislatively confiscated. And where that is not sufficient, governments simply make decrees that legalize theft by fiat. Mark my words, private savings accounts like 401(k)s, IRAs, and Pension savings are already in “their” crosshairs. $20 Trillion is just too big a carrot for “them” to leave alone!


5) Managed by you, not someone else paid to trade your money! Only you really know how to manage your money. Only you know your family’s needs. Only you need to hold possession of your wealth. Only you can make a decision on when, where, and how much might be needed in an emergency. Only you don’t have to pay someone else to manage your money. Someone else whose motive is not the same as yours!

6) Generational Wealth! It doesn’t “expire” when you do! What is in your possession is going to be darn hard for estate liars (I mean lawyers) and the STATE to confiscate at death! No, you don’t take it with you, but you also do not leave it for the vultures to come pick through! Sadly, the STATE thinks it has the right of beneficial interest to YOUR wealth. It is none of their business how much YOU SAVED, where and who will get it when you pass on! 100% your decision.


7) Ability to EARN perpetually FREE GOLD! It is not for everyone, but the opportunity exists to build your own business as an affiliate and earn your way to perpetually FREE GOLD and a passive income. This is exclusive to Karatbars, the company identified in the last blog post. FREE GOLD is better than ANY discount! So is passive income! The tax advantages of your own business are many, and the cost is miniscule! In fact, it is the only business I have ever seen in which someone could utterly FAIL, and yet emerge with ASSETSin hand! Show me another business where the “inventory” leftover after failure was possession of GOLD!

8) No degree in rocket science required! No one needs a degree in financial rocket science to figure out how to literally pay yourself first, by saving 10% of your earnings or investments off-the-top. But doing this with GOLD is the only way this ultimately makes sense!

It is time for Americans and all citizens in the world to make governments survive on a precious metal standard. It CAN be done! Sound, HONEST money CAN and WILL SAVE this nation (or any nation)…YOUR business & YOUR family! You CAN retire without investing a dime through Wall St., or relying on socialist insecurity, or bank deposits of paper money! You just need to take the first step: Start!



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