Are YOU Conscious Of Losing Consciousness?


Everyday we put trust in people to do the “right” thing. People of all kinds, who eventually may put their belief system onto you. Therefore, it may not just be their own belief system, but your belief of their belief system. As Mike Adams, the health ranger and lab director of CWC Labs has previously described, it is “faith that adds the perception of value to a market that has lost all of its true economic fundamentals.” The same could be said for health or any political belief in the fact that somebody can be told ONE way their whole life, despite it being true or not to the natural law (reality, factual evidence). The key here is YOU as the response to incoming information. YOU decide how information is transmitted to and from yourself. (Mike Adams on Global Currency System here) (list belief evidence)

We may have a belief system to think that antibiotics or doctors, know best or do good. (list antibiotic evidence)

We may have a belief system to think that “government” knows best or does good.

Honestly, I would express my beliefs as you shall because I’m human. That being said, I have no intention of putting my belief onto anyone else. What we can do however, is contribute to each other and color the bigger picture. The picture frame is there, the blueprints all set but often times the light is lacking to even see the picture in the first place. Then we blindly paint about the wall, without ever coloring the picture. Some may never even pick up paint, know how to access paint, what colors to use, how to use paint and the list goes on. I would like to LIVE in a world with LIVING color, but perhaps that’s just me. The picture called LIFE is the real focus, and that begins with all of us.

As you may know, Ubuntu is an alternative system to the Windows OS (Operating System) on computers. Ubuntu also happens to mean “what makes us human”, and particularly characterizing the humanity we show each other. An example of this would be to feed food to others and to treat them like family. Isn’t it funny how Windows is the mainstream operating system, similar to how the mainstream media is operating the public by programming perceptions when Ubuntu would represent the alternative to Windows in order to promote freedom to inform. This freedom is ingrained to be real humanity, but instead we are under the illusion by the mainstream media operating system way of thinking. This isn’t an endorsement for Ubuntu nor Windows, this is simply a portrayal of mainstream versus independent perception. The point to make here is that we are becoming less human when we devote all our time and energy into technology. We are practically feeding it our consciousness to the point where all it does is collect and collect. Instead of us collecting from technology, it is collecting from us. Ask the question, are we using technology mostly for good or bad? How is it affecting us mentally, physically and spiritually?

With the freedom of your own operating system away from the mainstream, you as an individual can realize that we do need each other in this life. Instead of being dependent on technology, we can become more dependent on each other in the way the world intends. We can heal each other simply with negotiation and human interaction, not just with medicine. Ask yourself, do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your healer? With that, does your healer believe in you or does your healer believe in a drug? Well, do you believe that money will bring you happiness? Notice that the very places trying to “help” people are also the same places asking for money. Isn’t money the root of all evil?

Then you take look at countries with less developed technologies and currencies, but they get closer with the people they help. Instead of being surrounded by phones, TVs and constant distractions, they can be surrounded by people with minds all wanting similar things at the end of the day. Most of the time, it is to live happily and healthy. Together and Ubuntu, they can reach their goals. While more developed countries are looking for ways to innovate, the less developed countries are still trying to survive. How do we truly innovate anyways when great populations of the world are under a form of mind control by their oppressors, and the only ones with opportunity to innovate become the big corporations. Then what happens? These less developed countries get bombed by the more powerful? Isn’t so great for a medical establishment, because now there is more people to treat. Then what happens? We won’t help them but we only help our own? Even when we do help our own, we aren’t always PREVENTING disease. Therefore, they’re kept alive but not so healthy and not quite dead either so that they become dependent to the medical system.

Fighting their wars, I’m talking about you and I fighting for the “government”, not our government fighting for another government. Then we give them money through taxation. A possession that you work for, that ends up being taken away by force hence legalized theft? Often times we basically give our life to government and technology, two of which are promoting each other? The technology will supposedly be here longer than us? Then if they know more than us, and we are dependent for information from them, where’s the humanity? All I see is slavery. Are they girl, male whatever? Who will know anymore, oh right… The robots. They “know best”, sound familiar? Perhaps you may want to question all that serves you a program to their operating system, which includes your “doctor” and “government”.

Where’s YOUR freedom? You don’t need too much evidence to see the potential of a world government arising when all the evidence is right there below our noses. While you may think that’s an analogy, your mouth is also below your nose, and I suggest you question what you eat too because you make your own blood. I have seen that the answers are found in observing nature(s), and you never need to agree. Ask for yourself and open your eyes! Let us not be prone to cognitive dissonance. What is to come, may take us away from nature.

Similar to every disease, there is a cause and effect. There is also much more to find in our vast universe with an open mind, for all has reason. Simple it may be for some, harder it may be for others. That is, to understand nature(s) in this life. I’m seeking to understand it as a fellow human being. Are YOU?

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