Are artificial sweeteners a health risk? Do they cause weight gain?


No more white sugar… CHECK!
No more refined sugar of any kind… CHECK!
Natural alternatives to refined sugars explored… CHECK!
Switch to artificial sweeteners… CHECK NOT CHECKED!

I have been turning a blind, closed, and any other kind of avoiding “eye” from this subject for years now. I originally went off the stuff 17 years ago when I first decided to have children. Not one speck of the stuff entered this body the entire time it took me to get pregnant, the entire pregnancy, or while I was nursing.

I struggled to lose weight without turning to “diet” or “light” foods and beverages for lowering my caloric intake. So, eventually, I caved and returned to the world of artificial sweeteners and have continued to the habit since then.

Are artificial sweeteners a safe alternative to sugar?

In my coffee (even though friends told me that once heated, this stuff is carcinogenic), in my pop (which is another topic all together!), and in almost anything I eat from yogurt to salad dressings. I am an educated person and know that research has stated for years that aspartame not only does not help people lose weight but is actually an appetite enhancer! That’s right! Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain it has been said.

Talk about this stuff causing cancer has also been common knowledge for years… yet still this poison is in my cupboards and in my fridge.

Today, I am doing us both a favour… I am informing and gently encouraging both of us to take to heart what these sugar alternatives are really doing to our bodies. Just like refined sugars, their artificial cousins are very addictive and this switch will not be an over-night “thing.”

So be prepared to give not just your mind a chance to adjust to this up-coming change, but, also your body. It is not easy to give up an addiction, so be kind to yourself if you take a while. You may get head-aches or mood swings during this ordeal. Educate yourself, and most importantly, love yourself through this transformation!

Video: Are artificial sweeteners a health risk?

Most “artificial” sweeteners are 100% chemically based. How can anything 100% fake possibly be good for you!? In this YouTube segment, Dr. David Freedman explains that these chemicals are very hard to digest and have been linked to many imbalances inside our bodies.

Cancer, depression, joint aches, and Parkinson’s disease have all been linked directly to the ingestion of these sweeteners. And still we use them! When directly asked by the host, “so which one of these are safe?” his answer was clear, “None of them!”

Chemicals in artificial sweeteners

The rest of the video clip is really quite disturbing. Let me highlight some of the chemicals they use to make these artificial substitutes;

  • Chlorine
  • Methanol (yes as in anti-freeze!)
  • Acetone (YES… nail polish remover!)
  • and even… are you ready?? Formaldehyde

So basically if we ingest this “stuff” for long enough we will be germ free, cleaner than our windshields, unable to have nail polish stick to us, and well preserved even before we die. GREAT sounds really healthy!

I hope, you are having the same reaction I am as you read this and watch the short clip; revulsion, disbelief, and more than just a little nauseated! How can I now continue exposing my body to these chemical cocktails? The simple answer is that I can’t… and my friend, neither can you.

Giving up artificial sweeteners

We have not spent so much time, resources, and energy changing our lives to be healthier only to have something as little as this poisonous white power kills all of our efforts! We love ourselves too much; would you knowingly feed poison to your children, spouse, yourself?! Of course not! But we have been.

Time to stop, my friend! Time to pull-up our “big person” pants and take the bull by its horns and break free from this poisonous addiction. It’s time we gave up artificial sweeteners. Yeah? Take the first step with me right here and vow to yourself… NO MORE!

Congrats! We just made the decision to save our lives. How does it feel?!

A science enthusiast with a keen interest in health nutrition, Antonia has been intensely researching various dieting routines for several years now, weighing their highs and their lows, to bring readers the most interesting info and news in the field. While she is very excited about a high raw diet, she likes to keep a fair and balanced approach towards non-raw methods of food preparation as well. (