The Ancient Practice of Oil Pulling can Boost Your Health


Detoxification has become increasingly popular nowadays with health-minded people. It is a process by which people can help their bodies rids themselves of the toxins and other unwanted substances which can build up in the body and lead eventually to illness and disease. Usually, detoxing involves some form of fasting, an all-liquid diet or a diet which emphasizes detoxifying foods like lemons or avocadoes.

There are, however, different ways to detox that do not involve fasting, major changes to the diet or colon cleansing. One of these way hails from India and has long been a part of the Ayurvedic medicinal tradition: the ancient art of oil pulling, which is so effective for removing toxins from the body.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic procedure which involves the use of a vegetable-based oil as a mouthwash. While this might sound strange to many people in the West, it has long been used in India as way to remove toxins and other unwanted substances from the body in a safe and effective manner. And while little clinical research has been done on this technique, it is gaining in popularity as more people begin to understand its benefits.

How is Oil Pulling Done?

To practice this ancient technique, take a tablespoon of vegetable-based oil (such as coconut oil) and put it in the mouth. Swish the oil around for about 20 minutes, using the same technique used for a regular mouthwash. It is important to remember, however, not to gargle with the oil or to swallow it! After 20 minutes, spit the oil out and brush teeth as normal.

Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

There are a variety of benefits to be hand from Ayurvedic oil-pulling, including all of the following:

This technique promotes good oral health by removing plaque from the teeth and drawing out bacteria so it can be easily eliminated; it is great for problems like bad breath and diseases of the gums like gingivitis.It benefits overall health, since certain chronic and serious conditions like cardiac disease have been linked to gum disease; this is because bacteria from advanced gum disease can enter the bloodstream and promote plaque formation, thus increasing the risk of heart attacks.Oil pulling, due to its removal of bacteria from the body, can also decrease chronic, low-level inflammation and can improve conditions like arthritis.

In short, oil pulling is a safe, inexpensive self-care technique with a long history of medicinal use. This is a simple technique to learn and can be worked easily into anyone’s routine. And this procedure, practiced regularly, can promote oral health, reduce inflammation and prevent the onset of serious long-term conditions like heart disease and positively affect nearly every aspect of health.


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