Amazing use of Nirgundi oil To cure Anal Fistula


 Treatment of Piles, Fissure and Anal Fistula by Nirgundi oil


Hemorrhoids (Piles) occur due to obstruction in internal and external vasculature around the anal canal thus the continuous pressure is created in the walls of veins then these veins get tightly stretched and inflamed even while defecation.

Causes of Piles:

  • Obesity
  • Intake of less fluids in body
  • Low intake of fiber diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Long time sitting or standing posture
  • Pressure on the activities like toilet,coughing,sneezing,vomiting
  • Long time holding a breath while doing pressurized physical work

Symptoms of Piles:

  • Pruritis around anal canal
  • Blood while during defecation
  • Lump felt near the anus
  • Mucus discharge from anus
  • Pain while defecation

Anal Fissure:
The superficial mucosal tear due to some damage or trauma to the anal mucosa. Both men and women are affected as because it is a life style problem. It causes rectal bleeding in infancy.Anoderm is mainly affecting tissue that lines the anus.It has a sensory nerve endings which keeps a pain in the anal region.

Causes of Fissure:

  • Recurrent Diarrhea
  • Due to enema procedure
  • Infectious disease like tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV etc.

Symptoms of Fissure:

  • Constipation
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Itching
  • Trauma during child birth
  • Oozing out of pus from the fissure

Anal Fistula:

It occurs due to accumulation of pus inside the glands which blocked the glandular region. So, the pus may develop into a fistula which correlates the infectious gland in the anus which opens on the skin around the anus.Presistent drainage can results due to this.

Causes of Anal Fissure:

  • Due to some surgical procedure undergone
  • Diverticulitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Tuberculosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

Ayurvedic Views:

In Ayurveda hemorrhoids called Arsha. Due to imbalance in three doshas that is vata,pitta and kapha specially apana vatta which is a sub type of vatta due to its vitiation other doshas are also get affected because due to kinetic energy in vatta dosha it will move in all channels in body and causing problems in the body. As apana vatta is present in urinary bladder, thighs, groin, anal, rectum and umbilicus thus causing obstruction and damaging the mucosal layer in anal region which results information of Piles, Fissure and Anal Fistula.

Piles, Fissure and Anal Fistula by Ayurveda:

As ayurvedic medicines are present from ancient times and they are continuously showing good results in all diseases because they are very safe in use without any side effects .Planet Ayurveda  has prepared an effective Nirgundi oil for the treatment of Piles, Anal Fissure and Anal fistula . This oil is made from a wonderful herb.

Nirgundi Oil:

Plant Introduction:

This plant is very important medicinally. This plant grows everywhere its flowers are white and blue in colour .The botanical name of this herb is vitev negundo. Every part of this plant is useful. The oil extract from a leaves are used in number of diseases like diarrhea, piles, fistula, fissure, ulcers, scalp lesions, sciatica, stomatitis, bronchitis, inflammatory pathology.

Properties: It is bitter in taste. It has many properties like insecticidal, anti bacterial, anti viral, antiseptic, antihistamine, antioxidant, ant hemorrhagic, anti diarrhea, antipyretic, antihyperthyroidism, antihypothyroidism. It gives heating effect so it aggravates pitta doshas.


  • In all the three problems i.e. Piles, fissure, fistula blood circulation is obstructed so by using this oil blood circulation will improve
  • The inflammation is also reduced
  • It improves diet by clears up the constipation
  • It is helpful in healing up the wounds in fissure, fistula
  • It reduces swelling in veins of anal canal
  • It improves appetite
  • It helps in smoothing the area of defecation
  • It is helpful in destroying bacteria’s
  • It is useful in dysuria
  • It relieves itching, pain etc
  • It act as a diuretic
  • It helps in reducing the inflammation
  • It helps in improving the immunity of a body



Vikram Chauhan
Dr. Vikram Chauhan is MD in Ayurvedic Medicine and an expert Ayurveda consultant from Chandigarh and practicing in Mohali, India. He is an Author of Book - Ayurveda - God's manual for healing (Must read for people interested in learing basics of Ayurveda, diet and principles of healing according to Ayurveda). He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda - Ancient healing system of India, not only in India but also abroad.