Abdominal Fat is Fatal


Did you know that your belly fat can kill you? This is not a hoax. Belly fat has been linked to premature death in people with a normal BMI. This happens because belly fat is fat stored near internal organs. The fat cells can disrupt the functions of the organs. This disruption can increase your chances of developing a disease.

What are The Scientific Findings About The Dangers of Belly Fat?
The Mayco Clinic Proceedings published a new study that was focused on the effect of a person’s waist circumference on health. The study examined the effect in an effort to estimate the mortality rate that is specifically related to having a higher waist circumference. The research study pooled waist circumference data from across a population that includes individuals with a body mass index at normal range. The results show that a high waist circumference is linked to a higher mortality.

Most people accept this as fact: Obesity means higher mortality rate and a higher chance of developing a number of diseases. However, this study is showing that this is not the case. A person with a normal body mass index is not considered obese. Most doctors would not advise a person with a normal BMI to lose weight. Therefore, no one ever pays attention to a person who has a normal BMI.

This study contradicts that idea that obesity means higher mortality rate. Some experts disagree about the appropriateness and accuracy of how to measure BMI for obesity. In fact, BMI is what doctors use to classify obesity. You can use a BMI calculator to measure your weight. Your BMI is calculated by using your weight and your height. A normal BMI is one that is between 18.5 and 24.9. If you have a BMI in the range of 25-29.9, you are considered overweight. Any BMI over 30 is considered obese.

Why is The Waist Circumference so Important?
This new study shows that the waist circumference is an independent factor in relation to the BMI. In fact, the waist circumference is a better indicator for heart disease, respiratory problems, cancer and premature death than the BMI. The Globe and Mail believes that the waist circumference should be considered a predictor of premature death in individuals who have a normal BMI. This study helps shift the focus away from the BMI. Most people have always only considered weight as a factor in these diseases. They do not focus on where the weight or fat cells are distributed. The waist circumference deals with the distribution of weight and how it affects the body. So far this shift in research has been tremendously beneficial to scientists and health care professionals. Now, predicating an individual future health is more accurate.

Why is Abdominal Fat so Important?
This study that links belly fat to premature death have sparked a lot of interest in abdominal fat. Many researchers are now focusing on how abdominal fat is creating health issues in people. Abdominal fat puts pressure on your internal organs. That is why it is considered dangerous.

Some studies show that the abdominal fat is metabolically active. This means that the fat is undergoing chemical reactions that interfere with the body’s functions. A number of important processes such as glucose control are disturbed because of metabolically active fat cells in your abdominal.

Is Obesity Still a Factor?
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has used the BMI measurement to determine who is obese. According to the CDC, one-third of adults in the U.S. fits the BMI definition of obesity. Despite this new information about waist circumference is significant, obesity is still a problem for health. Being obese can be rather expensive. Obesity is also a major factor in the health care system. It does lead to diseases and cause people with obesity to seek more health care than the rest of the population.

This new research about abdominal fat is a new breakthrough in understanding how fat increases our mortality. The insight on the flaws of just looking at BMI for health risk will help doctors better determine people’s health risk. However, you cannot discount the information gleaned from BMI. It can still help to determine obesity and eventually prevent it. You can also opt for some cardio exercises to get flat stomach.

All in all, abdominal fat is bad for you and therefore you should be aware about the foods to eat to get rid of belly fat. It does not matter if you are obese or normal. You should try to avoid storing fat in your abdominal region.

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