9 Powerful Herbs for Liver Cleansing


To achieve optimum health, it is absolutely necessary to have healthy liver function. The liver is responsible for removal of toxins for the body and can also effects many other systems and organs. A healthy liver, for instance, can aid weight loss and digestion and also help with energy levels and immunity. Below are 9 of the best herbs for help cleanse the liver and keep it functioning at its best.

Borotutu Bark
This is one of the best known herbs for liver cleansing and promotion of healthy digestion. This is because it is rich in antioxidants which protect the liver’s tissues from damage from free radicals and also help to prevent issues like biliary colic and jaundice.

Milk Thistle
As far back as the ancient Greeks, milk thistle has been valued for its healthful affects upon the liver. Used for thousands of years for hepatic support, this herb helps through the process of detoxifying the liver, boosting bile production and helping to regenerate damaged liver tissue.

Chanca Piedra
This amazing plant hailing from South America has long been used in the Amazon to support the healthy function of the liver as well as the gallbladder and kidneys. It helps the liver to detoxify itself from unwanted substances, as well as also stimulating bile production.

Greater Celandine
As far back as Greek and Roman times, celandine was known for its liver-boosting properties. It helps to increase pancreatic enzyme production as well as production of bile from the liver which aids in digestion and strengthens the immunity. It also helps to improve the performance of a liver that is sluggish.

Chicory Root
This bright blue roadside flower is best known for its flavoring in New Orleans-style coffee, but long before that, it was known as an excellent liver tonic and was used to treat ailments such as stones of the gallbladder, liver or kidneys as well as jaundice and indigestion.

Dandelion Root
While vilified by lawn owners all over America and hacked out as a weed by gardeners, this humble plant actually is a treasure trove of healthful properties. Herbal practitioners have used it to help reduce the effects of fatty or cirrhotic livers as well as for high estrogens levels and even skin conditions.

This powerful spice, very common in curries and other Indian dishes has a component called curcumin, which is a potent compound which protects and even helps regenerate liver tissues. It also stimulates the flushing out of toxins from the body, thus reducing hepatic work load.

Peppermint has long been used for digestion as well as for freshening the breath, but it also relaxes bile ducts and allows for increase flow of bile to help with the breaking down of fats within the body. It also helps lower the unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels and supports kidney and gallbladder health as well.

Yellow Dock Root
Yellow dock acts to help support hepatic as well as general health. It can reduce irritation in the liver and digestive tract by increasing bile production and its diuretic effect allows for toxins to be more easily flushed from the body.

So to detoxify and support a healthy liver, consult with an herbalist about adding any of the herbs listed above to the daily regimen.

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