8 Spices and Herbs That Aid Weight Loss


Certain herbs and spices may help you lose weight effectively and without any side effects as well:

  • Natural herbs contain tonics which can boost your nervous system to prevent you from emotional eating
  • Natural herbs are with healing properties to make you feel full of energy to exercise
  • High fiber content of the natural herbs keeps you feeling sated

Following are some top herbs and spices, add them to your healthy foods to reach your weight loss goals:


This yellow-orange spice is commonly associated with Indian foods, and it has been shown to prevent weight gain by reducing inflammation. Have one teaspoon of turmeric powder with your meal may help you treat obesity and other associated diseases.


Ginseng, particularly Panax ginseng has the ability to boost energy levels and speed up metabolism rate, a study showed that Panax ginseng is with weight loss benefits, with this study showing obese mice given Panax ginseng lost a significant amount of weight inside 12 days. Besides, ginseng also increases stamina and helps you to fight fatigue, making you feel powerful enough to exercise.


Actually, mustard plant belongs to the cruciferous family of vegetables and its seeds have been shown to boost metabolic rate by 25%, which making it as an excellent weight loss herb.

Black Pepper

The substance piperine in this commonly-used spice has been shown to boost your metabolism and help you to burn more calories. Black pepper also improves your digestive system to speed up the fat burning rate.


Flaxseeds have a coating of mucilage which will swell when exposed to water. So if you soak whole flaxseeds in water and eat them, you will have a feeling of fullness, and this may prevent you from overeating and help you to lose weight.


Every part of the dandelions, the fresh greens, flower tops and roots are all full of valuable nutrients. Along with being full of dietary fiber, dandelions also contain other notable nutrients (%of RDA/100g)-

  • 19% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine)
  • 58% of vitamin C
  • 338% of vitamin A
  • 649% of vitamin K
  • 39% of iron
  • 19% of calcium.

Plus, the fresh leaves are super low in calories (45 calories every 100g) and the flower tops helps to slow down your digestion to make you feel full longer to help you maintain a healthy weight.


Cumin has been shown to promote weight loss when mixed with other herbs or spices such as ginger, turmeric powder and fenugreek. Cumin also improves the digestive process which prevents the storage of fat by the body to aid in weight loss.

Guar Gum

Guar Gum contains lots of fiber, which can give you a feeling of fullness, and this may decrease appetite. It also helps prevent diabetes and decreases bad cholesterol.

Although just adding them to your foods will not be enough to get a significant weight loss, these herbs and spices will certainly support and help you lose some pounds together with other fat-burning measures.

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