8 Health Benefits of Soy Milk


Soy milk has long been used in the East due to the fact that it is versatile and a great source of vegetarian protein. It is on surprise, then, that the use of soy milk and soy milk products is catching on in the United States in a big way: once available mostly in health food stores, it is not accessible in mainstream markets across the country. Some of its health benefits are discussed below.

Lactose Free
For those who are lactose intolerant and looking for a milk substitute, soy milk is an excellent choice. It allows people to avoid the indigestion and diarrhea and bloating that dairy can cause and at the same time gives a texture and flavor similar to milk.

Immune Booster
Not only is soy milk a great source of plant-based protein (which can be an issue if you do not tolerate dairy products), it also contains all nine essential amino acids. Having these in the diet strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight off illness.

Improves Cholesterol Ratio
The monounsaturated fat found in soy milk is the “good” fat which people need in their diets to be healthy. It helps lower unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels while at the same time raising the healthy HDL cholesterol, thus improving the overall cholesterol ratio.

Aids Weight Loss
Soy milk is low in sugar and its fatty acids help to prevent the absorption of fats in the small intestines; it is also high in fiber and so acts like a natural appetite suppressant. All these things combine to make it an excellent aid to weight loss.

Drinking soy is one way to avoid the hormones that are laced in dairy products. These hormones are given to cows for growth and increased milk production but can interfere with hormone function in the human body if it is ingested.

Builds Strong Bones
Soy milk is a natural source of phytoestrogen, a plant-based chemical which can facilitate the body’s absorption of calcium. This can improve the density of bone mass and reduce the risk of brittle bones from age or menopause.

Another important benefit to soy milk is that it is rich in iron. Iron is important to the body because it helps build red blood cells and helps to ensure that cells throughout the body are receiving the oxygen that they need to function normally.

High in Nutrients
Soy milk is a great source of Vitamin B-12, riboflavin and isoflavones. B-12 helps boost energy levels and supports healthy circulation, while riboflavin aids the cells in energy production and isoflavones are powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from aging and disease.

So, in lactose intolerance is a problem, then consider the use of soy milk. It has all the health benefits listed above and can be used as a great milk substitute in hot or cold cereals, in many baked goods and even milkshakes or smoothies. It is a delicious way to stay healthy and still get the taste and texture of dairy without the side effects.

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