8 Anti-Aging Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid


Every woman comes to a stage in her life when she would like time to stop so that no more spots or wrinkles appear on her face. Everyone knows it’s impossible to stop the time. But, what’s possible is to avoid making mistakes that make your skin more wrinkled than it should be. It is also possible to make your skin glowing and radiant again, just like when you were a teenager.

1.  Overwashing

There is one rule for how many times you should wash your face. And that’s once when you get up in the morning and once before you go to bed in the evening. If you wash your face three or more times a day, your skin’s natural moisture will strip off and this will be a very good base for more wrinkles.

2. Believing that every anti-aging product will give you anti-aging effects

It is important to know what your are nourishing your skin with. Read the ingredients of the creams you are using. Test them first. If you don’t feel comfortable enough with the cream you are using, don’t apply it anymore. No matter how expansive it is, give to someone else. It will cause more damage than good to your skin.  If you want to have more naturally glowing skin, then pay more attention to the food you eat and to the beverages you drink.

3.  Making too many facial expressions

Don’t make too many repetitions of the same facial movements over and over again. They can cause permanent wrinkles. If you are concerned about your face circulation, facial yoga is right for you. Try to relax your face as much as you can, and don’t stretch your muscles too much. Gentle massage is perfect to keep your muscles active and circulation going.

4.  Wrong pillow

Sleep on your tummy or on your sides might feel more comfortable than sleeping on your back. However, bear in mind that if you make this a habit, lines on your face will start to appear from the pillow. Try to find as much comfortable material for your pillow as possible. Bamboo and silk are an excellent natural combination that wouldn’t do much of a damage on your skin.

5.  Thinking that your sunscreen will redeem you from sun damage

Sunscreen does not give you 100% protection to your skin. You can still damage your skin from the strong UV rays even if you apply sunscreen regularly. Put on your sunglasses and a hat if it is really necessary to go out when UV radiation is the strongest. This is a small habit that can protect your skin and prevent it from early aging.

6.  Using too much makeup to cover up deep-seated wrinkles.

Don’t put too much makeup or cosmetic layers on your face. Too much of it is worse than not at all. Your skin can’t absorb too much makeup and the layers will seep through the cracks. Too much cosmetics will just highlight those wrinkles more.

7. Remove your makeup with soup

Soup may make you feel like the best product to remove your makeup thoroughly. However, if you use unsuitable soup for your skin type, it can make your skin dry and more prone to early wrinkles. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot on expensive lotions, you can use olive oil to remove your makeup thoroughly. It easy, natural and cheap and you’ll do a big favor to your face.

8.  Leaving your aging issues for your creams to solve on their own.

You don’t want to leave all to your creams to solve your aging issues on their own. You must help them to help your skin. Lifestyle choices are crucial to keep your skin radiant and glowing. So, smoking is a big no, eating processed unhealthy foods is also a big no. Going to the gym, eating fresh fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water are big yeses to your skin. You’ll notice that your face will look fresh, your cheeks will be red and glowing and your eyes shining!

You are a creator of your own look.