7 Ways to Relax Your Muscles And Relieve Pain


Severe back pain or pain in the neck, shoulders or waist are not rare, especially with people over the age of 30. Unfortunately, half of the people who experience any of the above mentioned pains have lost their quality of their life due to painful episodes, especially near the spine. People with severe pain will always try to find their easy way out reaching to painkillers. However, they often ignore the natural alternatives that will improve their condition much easier and with no side effects. Consider the following ways to relax your muscle and relieve pain if you want to help yourself in a natural way. Prevention is always the best medicine. However, when pain appears, natural remedies are always the best option.


Limit your rest and don’t allow yourself to lie all the time with the excuse that you feel pain whenever you try to make a movement. If you want to relax and to keep your muscles loose, then move as much as you can. Thus, you will reduce the inflammation that caused your pain.

2.Avoid foods that can make your situation worse

Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and trans fats are all foods that feed inflammation processes in your body. Keep away from them while you feel pain in your muscles. You’ll be amazed how much food can influence your overall feeling of your body. We are what we eat.


One of the best preventive actions for pain in your muscles is definitely massage. An experienced and well-educated massage therapist knows how to treat the area, while at the same time, relieve any other tension.

4.Essential oils

Some essential oils like jojoba, coconut oil or peppermint oil can be very helpful when treating muscle pains. Therefore, these are especially good in the treatment of sore muscles after long workouts or intensive physical activity.

5.Arnica oil

A massage therapy with arnica oil can significantly reduce pain in the neck, upper and lower back. Simultaneously, arnica oil has other beneficial health properties including anti-inflammatory ones. Moreover, it can help with relieving tension due to inflammation processes in your body.

6.Soak in Epsom salt

The most common cause of muscle pain is lack of magnesium in your body. For this reason, you can try soaking your feet in Epsom salt. Thus, you will help your body raise magnesium levels and muscle pain or muscle cramps will disappear. Furthermore, magnesium helps in reduction of inflammatory processes in the body. Therefore, make a habit at least once a week, by soaking your feet in Epsom salt.

7.Visit the chiropractor

Adjustment made by a chiropractor can be very helpful when it comes to pack pain or neck pain. This natural, drug-free treatment can be more helpful and efficient than any other kind of painkiller.