7 Tips For Increasing Your Retail Jewelry Store Sales


Retail jewelry stores today face new challenges and many more competitors, and must strive to find ways to attract new customers as well as keep old ones. From new marketing plans to a fresh to new look to taking advantage of new technologies, there are several ways to raise yourself above your competitors and increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Discussed below are some tips that may not all apply to your own retail jewelry store, but should be considered nonetheless as though you were an outsider and not the owner or manager, in order to really see your store with fresh eyes.

1. Does your store need a new look

When was the last time your store’s appearance received an update. Times change, and so too does the style of décor. Customers don’t want to walk into a jewelry store that appears as though they’ve wandered into 1950. No matter how stylish or elegant it was at the time, today’s consumers want fresh, invigorating, and elegant. You might also want to consider how cluttered your store looks. Are items organized haphazardly, or will the customer be able to find what they are looking for easily without requiring assistance. Do you present a comfortable area for browsing, or will patrons need to move through narrow areas or search behind and around other items that are strewn about or serve as a distraction?

2. Hire the right employees

You don’t want employees that are too aggressive—they are likely to scare away potential customers, because nobody likes an employee shadowing their every move. However, you don’t want employees that are too passive or virtually non-existent either. The best employees, won’t be standing around talking with their co-workers, ignoring customers or texting on their cellphones. They’ll be engaging the customers in a way that makes the customer actually want to talk to them. Employees that are knowledgeable about the pieces on display, and who seem to care that the consumer has a particular budget or preference will better be able to help the customer find and choose the best piece.

3. Are the counters high enough?

Take the time to browse at some of your own jewelry on display, and then go into another retail jewelry store and do the same. Are there any in which you found it easier to view the jewelry than in your own store? It’s likely because the counters were higher. No one should have to bend too much to view the jewelry you are offering. Presenting it closer to eye level offers a better experience and eases the difficulty for older consumers. Some experts say that the optimal counter level is 42″ high.

4. Take advantage of technology

Consumers today are pretty tech-savvy, and your store should be too. Sometimes jewelry stores get busy, and customers don’t ordinarily like to stand around waiting to be helped, especially when there is usually no discernible line, but rather people milling about the store. The best way to ensure all customers are helped in a timely fashion and in the order they arrive is to use a jewelry store waitlist app. Using this app, you can continue to keep customers engaged and in the store (or at least nearby), and alert them via phone or text when an associate is available to help them. The app can also be used to schedule appointments, and can help you keep important notes about customer preferences.

In conjunction with the jewelry store Waitlist app, you can have iPads or other tablets positioned around the store showing videos that promote some the pieces, helping to keep customers engaged while they wait.

5. Get a friendly security guard

If you employ a security guard, try to opt for one that looks capable but friendly. You don’t need an intimidating hulk staring down your customers.

6. Distinguish your store

Why do customers walk into your store instead of others. Find out, and take what works and see if you can make it even better.

7. Lose the old clichés

Cut, clarity, color and the caret is such an overused statement, and should not be the only thing you focus on. An overall worthwhile shopping experience is what keeps the customers coming back, not just a sales pitch about why the diamond you are presenting is the best one they’ll see.

Zara Jones
Zara Jones is an active independent contributor who loves to share useful insights or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers.