7 Surprising Reasons Why Acai Berry is a Super Fruit for Health


The acai berry, a cousin of the cranberry and blueberry, is a native to the Amazonian rainforests and has been receiving a good deal of attention in the popular press recently. This is because Americans are discovering that this little berry, long used by natives and valued for its healing properties, truly does bring with it an array of benefits for the body, including boosting energy levels, strengthening the immune system and having an overall positive impact on general health. Below are some of the reasons why everyone is going wild for acai.

Cardiac Support

Acai is excellent for cardiac health because, like its cousin the blueberry, it is a rich source of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that have been proven to be able to moderate cholesterol levels, thus lowering the chances of a heart attack or stroke. They also contain plant sterols, compounds that have a positive impact on heart health by increasing circulation, decreasing chances of clot formation and relaxing the blood vessel walls.

Immune System Boost

Due to the fact that it is rich in antioxidants, acai berry consumption can give the immune system a boost and make it easier for the body to naturally ward off disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. They are a natural way to decrease the chance of succumbing to an illness.

Weight Loss Aid

If trying to lose weight or maintain it, acai berries are a great help for this also. Part of this is because they are high in fiber, so they act as a natural curb to the appetite since fiber breaks down more slowly and leaves someone feeler fuller for longer. Consuming these and other fresh fruits and vegetables regularly can certainly help prevent overeating and make weight loss easier.

Skin Treatment

It is not surprising that many natural beauty products have acai berries as one of their ingredients. This is because its strong antioxidant properties help to reduce signs of aging on the skin and can help protect the skin against damage done to it by sun exposure. Brazilians have been using the berries for centuries as a way to treat maladies of the skin.

Stomach Soother

Regular consumption of acai berries has been shown to soothe irritation in the stomach and to promote overall digestive health. This is partly because acai has long been known as a detoxifier which can remove unwanted substances from the body (including the digestive system) and also because it is so high in dietary fiber.

Irritation Reducer

The acai berry’s anti-inflammatory properties are good for many things, but one thing at which they are particularly useful is reducing irritation and inflammation associated with various kinds of respiratory distress, such as asthma. They are a very effective tonic for the respiratory tract as a whole.

Cancer Fighter

Acai is rich in both Vitamin C and ellagic acid, which together have been shown to boost immunity and help the body fight off the development of cancer; in one study, it was able to reduce cancer cell proliferation by 56-86%.

With health benefits like these, it is no wonder that acai is getting so much attention. It is certainly a super fruit worth trying to improve and maintain your health naturally.

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