7 Reasons why You should Include more Squash into Your Daily Diet


Squash indicates an extensive diversity of vegetables which are popular  in many parts of the world.  There are many types of squash, they are zucchini, pumpkins or courgettes. Back to the past, squash was believed to be originated from America around 10,000 years ago. It played the same role as corn or beans in the American culinary culture. What’s more, when Spanish and Portuguese explorers set foot in the New World, they brought squash along with them around the world, which brought about the huge squash’s popularity. More than a cooking ingredient, squash can also serve as a herbal medicine for various health ailments. The flexibility of using squash in cooking and its various heath-supporting benefits have encouraged scientists to carry out more research. Following are top 7 outstanding health benefits of squash which may prompt you to add it more into diet.

1. Neural Tube Defects

One of the very first benefits of squash that any woman should be aware of is lowering the danger of neural tube defects remarably.  This effect is derived from squash’s abundant source of folate. In fact, there is a close link between folate consumption and infant’s neural health development. One research focused on analyzing the information from over 23,000 women. The report revealed that a higher consumption of folate during the very first stage of pregnancy could lead to the reducetion in neural tube defects.

2. Immune System

When it comes to benefits of squash, many people refer to its ability to improve immunity health. Many nutrients in squash are necessary for a healthy immune system. That’s a good explaination for the fact that eating more squash can effectively support immune system. It is highly certain that vitamin C can positively influence your immunity and so can other antioxidants. To specify, the antioxidant compounds’ power are strong enough to prevent hazardous effects of free radicals which are the origin of certain health problems. For instant, free radicals are able to cause premature aging or even cancer. Furthermore, the number of carotenoid phytonutrients in squash also makes a great contribution to a stronger immune system.

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3. Lung Health

Another benefits of squash are involved in lung health improvement. You may not know but one of vitamins existing in the most considerable amount in squash is vitamin A. And this type of vitamin is associated with emphysema. Moreover, vitamin A is really beneficial for ones with consistent exposure to carcinogens including cigarette smoke, to limit unwanted consequences in your lungs. Additionally, some carotenoids in squash such as beta-cryptoxanthin, might help with reducing the risk of lung cancer well.

4. Visual Health

Fictional as it might sound, the amount of vitamin A in squash might outnumber what you need for a day. It is proved that squash can provide over 400 percent of an ordinary person’s daily requirement. As a result, it is reasonable to say that one of top health benefits of squash is to improving visual health. In fact, beta-carotene in squash plays a key role in transformating into vitamin A of which your eyes are in need for better fuction. Moreover, the appearance of lutein and zeaxanthin in squash is an ideal addition when it comes to eye health. Both of them are super beneficial for the eyes.

5. Cardiovascular Health

The perfect combination of some essential minerals in squash can lead  to benefits of squash on your cardiovascular health. In fact, potassium and magnesium is essential for relaxing your arteries and blood vessels. Therefore, your heart may suffers from less pressure and more blood flows to it. Not only heart but also other body parts can also benefits a lot from blood circulation improvement. Additionally, the rich source of fiber in squash can also reduce cholesterol levels as well. Thus, you are away from various problems, from stroke to atherosclerosis…  Folate is another nutrient that also takes part in squash’s benefits on heart health. Particularly, folate can have powerful impacts on preventing the accumulation of bad homocysteine that may trigger the danger of heart disease.

6. Weight Loss

Providing a low level of calories and fat, squash is a potential substance for weight loss. In other words, among top squash health benefits is to accelarate weight loss process. In addition, its abundant source of fiber will suppress your appetite as well as imcrease your fullness, which can decrease the amount of foods you consume. Fiber is also essential for a better metabolism which aids the fat-burning process.

7. Diabetes

The proper function of metabolism is necessary for controling diabetes. Interestingly, due to a variety vitamins B-complex in its content, one of the best health benefits of squash is to facilitate the metabolism. Furthermore, pectin in squash may contribute to blood sugar regulation. It also plays a key role in making sure that glucose and insulin activities are smooth inside your body, which is really important for many other organs.

In conclusion, squash is a wonderful food which can support your health a lot. Normally, most of us can well tolerate squash consumption, which means that you can all profit from squash without worries. However, in some special situation, you had better pay attention to its use because there might be some unwanted consequences. Particularly, squash is not good for people going down with hypertension due to its capability of lowering blood pressure. As a result, squash may trigger an extreme drop in the blood pressure, which puts their life in danger.





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