7 Reason You Should Limit Fructose Consumption


Fructose sometimes called fruit sugar is a monosaccharide, or single sugar, that has the same chemical formula as glucose but a different molecular structure. Pure fructose is about 70% sweeter than sugar. A small amount of fructose, such as the amount found in most vegetables and fruits, is not a bad thing. However, consuming too much fructose at once seems to overwhelm the body’s capacity to process it. The diets of our ancestors contained very small amounts of fructose.

Harmful Effects of Excess Fructose

1.Fructose increases uric acid production, which, in excess, can cause gout, kidney stones and precipitate or aggravate hypertension.

2.Fructose rapidly causes leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that controls appetite and metabolism to maintain a normal weight. Leptin resistant people tend to gain fat and become obese really easily.

3.Excess fructose contributes to hypertension by inhibiting a key enzyme called endothelial nitric oxide synthase,26 which is located in blood vessels walls and is essential for the production of the vasodilator, nitric oxide.

4.Excess sugar and fructose may contribute to the poorer gut health and ultimately, Leaky Gut Syndrome. Tiny ‘leaks’ in the gut may allow toxins to seep into the bloodstream and trigger autoimmune conditions.

5.Excess fructose damages the liver and leads to insulin resistance in the liver as well as fatty liver disease. In fact, fructose has the same effects on the liver as alcohol (ethanol), which is already well known as a liver toxin.

6.Fructose in the guy can create gut flora imbalances. It promotes the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This can be a major issue for anyone who has stomach problems.

7.Cancer cells proliferate with fructose as their energy source.

9 Natural Best Alterative Of Fructose

-Coconut Sugar
-Raw Honey
-Maple Syrup
-Blackstrap Molasses
-Brown Rice Syrup
-Balsamic Glaze
-Banana Puree
-Real Fruit Jam


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