7 Natural Home Remedies To Help Treat Eye Stye


While sties are rarely a serious medical issue, they can sure leave you pretty irritated. A stye may be classified as a red bump- something akin to a pimple- that forms along the outside edge of your eye lid. There may be instances when a stye forms inside your eye lid as well.

There are plenty of tiny oil glands present around your eyelids, and some of them tend to get clogged up by oil buildup, dirt, or dead skin. When a gland gets blocked, the growth of bacteria starts on the inside. This is the main reason why a stye develops around the eye.

Some of the most common symptoms of a stye are swelling and pain, increased tear production, and the formation of a crust like structure around the eyelid.

With the help of some simple natural home remedies, you can treat an eye stye and make it go away in around a week to ten days.

Some of the natural home remedies that you can use for curing eye infection.

1. Coriander seeds

Take some coriander seeds and boil them in water. Drain the seeds and use this water to wash the stye. Repeat this process around twice or thrice a day and you will see your eye stye getting healed in next to no time.

2. Cloves

Take some cloves and ground them down into a paste. Apply this paste from one corner of your eyelash down to the other end. Make sure some amount of it gets applied on the stye as well. Leave it to dry for around five hours and a drastic change will soon be noticeable. Be careful about the clove paste entering your eye as it can cause severe burning sensation.

3. Turmeric

Take a pinch of turmeric and mix it in a glass of water. Use this water to rinse your eye. Repeat the process twice a day in order to get steady relief against eye stye. Turmeric has antiseptic properties which help in providing relief against this condition.

4. Tea bags

Warm tea bags have been found to produce wondrous effects on a stye. Place a warm tea bag on your eye stye till the bag becomes cool again. If the stye has grown along the inside of your eyelid, keep the bag over the lid. Not only will it help relieve some of the pain but also allow the swelling to reduce within 48 hours. Repeat twice a day to get relief from eye sty.

5. Guava leaves

Not only does guava leaves help in curing the stye but they also provide relief from the swelling and pain. Take some warm guava leaves, wrap them up in a cloth, and keep it compressed over the stye. If you use repeatedly, it will help in easing the pain and also reduce the stye.

6. Garlic juice

Garlic juice has antibacterial properties which makes it useful in curing eye infections such as stye. Have some fresh garlic juice applied over the affected area but be careful that it does not enter your eyes else it may cause a stinging feel. Once it has dried, use lukewarm water to wash off. It will reduce the stye and also provide relief against the pain.

7. Potato peel

Peel a potato in the shape of a double eye and have it placed over the stye. It will allow both the pain as well as the swelling to reduce. Repeat this remedy twice a day in order to get the best results. This eye stye treatment, if followed properly, will give you a result in one day!

Like all other infections, eye stye comes about as a result of poor personal hygiene. Since we all live by the motto of prevention is better than cure, start practicing good personal hygiene regularly and you can stay away from the clutches of this eye infection.