7 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water: What You May Not Know


Everyone knows that water is important, but what others don’t know is that there are benefits that differ according to water temperature. Warm water, for instance, has different health benefits than cold water, and hot water has different benefits than the other two. Coffee and hot tea drinkers may already know some of these benefits, but for those of us out there who don’t like coffee, and may only tolerate hot tea when we’re sick, here is some of the surprising benefits of drinking hot water.

  • Having a cup of coffee or hot tea in the morning does more than just wake you up.

The heat from hot water also helps jump start your metabolism and, as an added benefit, it also starts the process for breaking down body fat. Which is awesome news if you’re like me and you are trying to lose that last 15 pounds of body fat.

  • Here’s something that nearly everyone who has had a cold and use hot tea to help soothe a sore throat may know.

Hot water helps relieve nasal congestion that comes from the common cold, allergies, and anything else that may cause your sinuses to close up. The heat from the water helps sorta, melt, the icky stuff (called phlegm) and also gives your body a more revived feeling, as well as helps you breathe better.

And you don’t get relief from just colds and allergies as well.

  • Hot water has been shown to relieve menstrual cramps (ladies, take note).

The heat from the water soothes your stomach muscles as well as uterine muscles, and helps soothe the pain away.

  • Hot water helps with detoxification.

If you’ve had a hard night of drinking and partying, you don’t want to worry about a hangover the next day. But sometimes you are too far gone, and all you want to do is go to bed and sleep it off. The next morning, pain. Drinking a glass of hot water helps detox your body from not only the toxins left behind by drinking, but it also helps prevent premature aging.

  • Hot water is great for teens and adults who battle with acne.

Not only does it help prevent premature aging, the smooth skin that is revealed when the body is detoxified and the dead skin cells are gone has smaller pores, so less dirt and grime gets into the skin in the first place. So, not only do you feel healthier and younger, you look healthier and younger, and you don’t have to fight blemishes like pimples anymore.

  • Another thing drinking hot water does is affect your hair.

Not in a bad way, but in a very good way. Drinking hot water helps promote hair growth, gives hair a soft and shiny look and feel, as well as helps fight dandruff. This happens because hot water stimulates your nerve endings, all the way up to your hair, and they begin to cause the hair follicles to grow, grow, grow! The new hair that comes out is softer and shinier because of all the water you’re drinking, and the hydration also helps keep dandruff at bay since skin needs to be hydrated, scalp included.

Finally, another benefit of drinking hot water, something that’s already been mentioned before but never explored.

  • Drinking hot water helps with the nervous system, digestion, and bowel movements.

The heat from the water helps stimulate the nerve cells in your body by warming up your blood, this gives better circulation and helps break down body fat. It also breaks down intestinal fat, and helps hydrate everything down there, for elimination.

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