6 Tips To Help You Provide Enough Water For The Winter


The water is very important for the body. It helps maintain human life, have many roles such as solvent of the reaction of the body of science, air conditioning the body, supplying minerals, moisture, drinking water properly and enough each day will help the body to support fatigue, mental alertness, reduce disease, improve blood flow, moisturizing the skin, helps smooth skin, reduced appetite obesity prevention. Depending on the needs of the body, an average adult requires about two liters of water each day.

However, people tend to drink more water in the summer and less in winter. Cold weather makes people feel they are not thirsty, afraid to drink the water. But, in winter, the body still needs to be provided with sufficient water. In addition, dry climate makes the skin easy to dehydration, resulting in cracked, dry, peeling skin and dull. These products support only works outside in the interim. If you want healthy skin and body, you need to drink enough water. What should you do to get rid of habit lazy to drink water?

Here are tips to help you limit lazy drinking water, ensuring skin, lips still plump, full of life in the winter.


One reason afraid to drink water in winter is due to cold water, taking into numb teeth. Therefore, you should reserve a room heated to when you’re thirsty, hot water is available for drinking. You can store water in several ways: using vacuum bottle, have warm water in the room or buy hot kettle.

However, note should not drink the water too hot, it’s not good for your teeth, contributing to drying lips. Temperatures suitable for drinking water is 20-30 degrees.


The best way to treat lazy drinking water is to turn it into a habit, a daily inevitability. To achieve this, you need to persist for some time.

Morning immediately upon waking up, instead of brushing teeth, washing face or in the bathroom, you should spend less time to rinse your mouth with warm water and drink water. Doing this helps your oral cavity hygiene overnight accumulate bacteria, and drink warm water helps the body adapt to change, wash the intestines. In addition, you can practice the habit of drinking water.

When working, you filled the cup and the estimated time to finish drinking. Note, the glass is always placed in sight, fingertips, avoiding you forgot its existence. Also, you should use transparent glass or water bottle to be able to see how the country whether in private. If it isn’t effective, you can use sticky, sticky notes mentioned in drinking water in books, desks, walls, computers…

After each meal, you often drink to dessert. This is also an opportunity to improve the water you drink. Quite simply, you pour into a glass of water you drink more than usual, try to drink at all. Repeated several times, at some point, when you drink more water without noticing.

You perform from small quantities and slowly lift up, to a point, the water will become your natural reflex.


Fresh fruit juice is one of the favorite drinks of many people god for your health.

You don’t like to drink water because it tasteless? You can improve the daily fluid intake by drinking water instead, you choose a favorite water.

Naturally, sparkling water, canned water, wine, beer which not in the list of categories should drink plenty of water. You should choose your beverages like tea, the ceiling, the water leaves, coconut milk or mix water with honey, fresh fruit slices.

Also besides water, you should drink more fresh fruit juices, milk in the appropriate level.


Fruits help replenish the body of water to drink water when you are lazy.

In addition to drink, you can replenish water into the body through food. When shopping, you should choose foods like vegetables, succulent (celery, radishes, peppers, vegetables, spinach …), fruits (strawberries, orange, star fruit, pomegranate, apple, kiwi…).

You can also diversify your meal with the soup, noodle soup, noodles or porridge.


Promote the body’s water needs by the exercise.

The main cause of the drinking water is not lazy thirsty. Winter, people tend to limit the physical movement, just like lying or sitting somewhere warm. This trend does not make you a lot of energy, excess fat increases the risk of some diseases of the bones, muscles, joints … and do you not feel thirsty because I thought: no work, no dehydration. The truth is not so, due to dry climate, the humidity of your body being sucked down, resulting in wrinkles, dull.

During the day, a person should have at least 30 minutes of physical exercise. The exercises like jogging, playing sports, dancing aerobic… making body needs water added.

If lazy to exercise, you can move in other ways, such as doing housework, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, dance to lively music … The activities can gentle, but constant and will continue to make you tired, feeling thirsty.


Those who would like to mirror recognizable facial defects to improve.

You can’t rush to mention lofty effects of water, remember the immediate impact of water shortage is dry skin, cracked lips.

For the girls, skin and lips are always top priority. Want to have skin feeling soft, smooth not slough, fibrous; lips, bright red, the easiest way is to drink enough water every day.

Therefore, always remind yourself to drink water and keep in mind that in order to better drinking water. Whenever lazy drink, you should look in the mirror to see the pale face for skin peeling, lips twitched because of the crevices. Once there, you will be more motivated to drink water.


Mao Le