6 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


As most women with children will admit, it can be difficult to stay healthy during pregnancy. All too often, as the bump starts to grow month after month, it’s common to let ourselves go as we ourselves gaining weight anyway.

However, it’s especially during this time that it’s even more important to stay healthy.

The last thing you want is to gain even more weight than necessary during your pregnancy only to have to try and get rid of it after giving birth during the time which is likely to come with a bunch of other responsibilities. You should be especially careful during your baby shower, as this is a time where most moms-to-be let themselves go and put on weight.

1. Take Prenatal Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is something that you should consider taking right at the start of your pregnancy. Your baby’s neural cord starts to develop during the first month of pregnancy, so it’s essential to have your body loaded with essential nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, and iron, from the very beginning.

2. Continue with Exercise

It sounds obvious, but many women refrain from exercising during pregnancy and as their bodies go through all sorts of changes. Regular exercise should be incorporated as part of your routine whether you’re pregnant or not. Not only will this help you control your weight, you will also improve circulation, boost your mood, and help you sleep better during your pregnancy.

You should aim for around 30 mins of exercise daily, but make sure that you listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

3. Educate Yourself

Firstly, it’s essential that you educate yourself about the process of pregnancy and delivering a child. Especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy.

Secondly, you should consider brushing up on your family’s medical history so that you are prepared when your baby arrives. Talk to your doctor about problems with past pregnancies or incidents of birth defects if that may be the case.

4. Practice Kegel Exercises

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles by practicing Kegel exercise is one of the best activities you can do whilst pregnant. Not only will this support your uterus, bladder, and bowels, it will also make your future delivery easier and prevent problems later with incontinence.

5. Keep A Close Eye On Weight Gain

Keeping a close eye on weight gain is extremely important during your pregnancy. Make sure you make a note on what weight you would be expected to gain anyway during your pregnancy, and anything you gain over and beyond that. If you are gaining weight more quickly than expected, you may have to watch your food intake and ensure that you exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight.

Below are some guidelines as to what the Institute of Medicine recommends in terms of weight gain during pregnancy

  • Underweight: Gain 28-40 Pound
  • Normal Weight: Gain 25-35 Pound
  • Overweight: Gain 15-25 Pound
  • Obese: Gain 11-20 Pound

6. Avoid Caffeine

The majority of doctors will recommend avoiding coffee during pregnancy. Cutting this back can be difficult – especially if you’re used to drinking a lot of coffee. For a quick energy boost, try eating fruits. The natural sugars released will likely help give you a boost in energy.

Armed with the above tips, you should be able to lead a healthy pregnancy and should be in great shape to take care of your newborn after your delivery.