6 Surprising Immune System Killers You Didn’t Know


Bacteria and viruses are not the only thing that can attack your immune system or make your body less able to fight off illness and disease. Sometimes these attacks can come from surprising sources, but can still weaken your immunity and make it more likely that you will develop an illness. Read below to find out more about some of the surprising sources around the home of immune system stress.

Roundup Weed Killer
This common weed killer, used widely throughout conventional agriculture, was once thought to be harmless. However, science is now uncovering the fact that it can cause mutations in the white blood cells, thus severely weakening the body’s natural ability to fight off disease. To avoid this, eat organic so you know that your food is pesticide-free.

Microwave Popcorn
The bags that contain microwave popcorn are coated with chemicals called perfluororinated compounds (PFC’s) that prevent the popcorn from sticking to the bag while it is being microwaved. Unfortunately, these PFC’s have been linked to weakened immune systems and may even render vaccines ineffective. Try popping your own popcorn on the stovetop – your kids will love it!

Nonstick Pots and Pans
PFC’s are also present in many pots and pans and prevent food from sticking while it is being cooked. As mentioned previously, these chemicals weaken the immunity, but also can disrupt hormonal balance and have been linked to the development of osteoarthritis. Replace these if possible with pans made of glass, stainless steel or iron.

People who report feelings of loneliness or who are social isolated can often feel stressed or depressed about these feelings. This chronic stressor can act as a dampener upon the immune system and make your body much more vulnerable to disease. Try to keep an active social life and stay connected with family and friends.

Sleep Deprivation
Lack of sleep or fitful sleep can leading to a weaker immunity as well. Sleep deprivation actually lower the number of killer T-cells in your body and makes it more difficult for you to fight off infections. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night if possible.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but use of antibiotics can actually weaken your immunity. This is mostly because they have a detrimental effect upon the healthy bacteria that lives in your gut and help your body to fight off disease. Only use antibiotics when you need them and be sure to take probiotics during and after their use.

Many of the things listed above are not what people think about when they are considering what attacks their immune system. However, they can still cause damage to your body’s ability to fight off infection and disease. The good news is that for the most part there are simple ways to help avoid these hidden attackers and keep yourself healthy.

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