6 Super Foods for Strong Healthy Gums and Teeth


Your teeth and gums are essential for chewing the food you need to eat for nourishing your body. Keeping them healthy through general oral care such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing with oral mouthwash and using holistic methods such as oil pulling is not enough. Making sure you have a well-balanced diet with super foods that can product the teeth is essential too. If you are wondering why super foods can keep your pearly whites, white and your gums healthy the following super foods can help.

#1 Green Tea

You may have heard that green tea is beneficial to your body, but did you know green tea is also outstanding for keeping your teeth and gums healthy also. It is true. Green tea contains antioxidant compounds known as, “catechins,” which help heal bacterial infections and gum diseases. Due to the antibacterial properties in green tea, it also has the ability to prevent cavities and prevent damaging periodontal diseases. However, more than one cup is necessary in the diet each day in order to keep your oral health healthy.

#2 Fruits High in Vitamin C

You may think citrus fruit contains the most vitamin C, but actually, strawberries and kiwis do. Eating these two fruits daily is essential for keeping the gums healthy and the teeth strong and pearly white. Without vitamin C, your gums would be tender due to the lack of collagen within them that is necessary for keeping your teeth straight. Fruits such as strawberries and kiwis also play an essential role for preventing discoloration on the teeth as well since both fruits contain natural astringent properties that whiten teeth naturally.

#3 Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts are plant based protein pack full of micronutrients such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium, which are essential for keeping the teeth strong and healthy. Seeds and nuts also help remineralize teeth to prevent decaying. Some of the best seeds and nuts to eat to keep the teeth their healthiest are almonds, sesame seeds and Brazil nuts.

#4 Onions

Onions when eaten raw are extremely beneficial in keeping the entire mouth healthy. This is because onions contain strong antibacterial properties that help kill harmful bacterial that causes tooth decay and gum diseases in the mouth. Some of the best types to eat raw are the red ones.

#5 Shitake Mushrooms

You may not think mushrooms can help prevent oral problems, but they can if there shitake mushrooms. Shitake mushrooms contain a natural sugar in them known as, “lentinan,” which contains antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory ones. Properties like this prevent cavities, gum diseases and bad breath.

# 6 Fibrous Rich Foods 

Fibrous rich foods such as apples, celery, carrots and deep leafy greens are outstanding for naturally scrubbing away harmful debris and bacteria from the teeth as you eat them. Munching on fresh fruits and veggies rich in fiber also helps activate saliva production, which is necessary for keeping oral bacteria in check and remineralizing teeth naturally.

Keeping Oral Health in Check with Super Foods

Now that you know some of the super foods to use for keeping your oral health in check, go get some from the grocery store and start adding them into your diet. Your teeth and gums will thank you and so will your dentist, especially when you receive a good report after having your annual dental checkup. Just don’t forget to brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash each night too. Those are important steps also for keeping your teeth and gums healthy and strong throughout your life.

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