6 Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese at which You may Feel Surprised


Among many types of milk-based products, cheese seems to be most popular. For long, cheese has been playing an indispensible part of human diet. Depending on the proportion of ingredients, people can distinguish which type of cheese is. In addition to hoop cheese, queso blance cheese or paneer, cottage cheese is also popular when it comes to famous cheese products.

In fact, cottage cheese shares some similarities with commercial cheese. However, it is the presence of vinegar or lime that makes cottage cheese different from the other. Additionally, not only passionate flavor but also an extensive diversity of health benefits are two main factors which make cottage cheese gain interest in health industry.

This article will shed light on top 6 health benefits of cottage cheese which have been proved instantly by scientific evidence.

1. Bone System

One of the best health benefits of cottage cheese is its ability to improve bone health. This great effect is attributed to the presence of calcium in cottage cheese. According to many studies, the increased consumption of calcium wil directly lead to improve bone density. Also, it is confirmed that cottage cheese intake can help people enough consume the recommended amount of calcium. It does not mention to the fact that dairy goods including cottage cheese can have positive influence on the condition of osteoporosis – one of the most popular bone-related issues.

2. Heart Health

Another health benefits of cottage cheese is fostering heart health. Loading with an excellent source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium, cottage cheese can effectively lower the chance of hypertension – one of the most popular catalysts for cardiovascular problems. Also, cottage cheese intake may reduce the danger of heart attack or stroke. That’s why patients of heart diseases are also suggested to provide themselve with cottage cheese.

3. Cancer

It is undeniable that cancer is one of the biggest killers nowadays. In fact, breast cancer is becoming more and more popular and the richness in vitamin D and calcium in cottage cheese is really beneficial for breast cancer prevention. The positive effect of cottage cheese intake on breat cancer condition is proved by many scientific research.

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4. Anxiety

When it comes to benefits of cottage cheese, many people mention its capability to reduce anxiety. Looking in to the list of nutrients in cottage cheese, it is easy to understand that this product is a powerhouse of potassium. In fact, potassium can do good at preventing anxiety and strokes. This effect is derived from its ability to support brain operation and address muscle cramps. What’s more, potassium in cottage cheese can also keep blood pressure levels in check.

5. Biological Functions

One of the most popular mechanisms behind benefits of cottage cheese is to foster biological functions. By providing people with enough amount of zinc, cottage cheese can benefits biological activities a lot. Specifically, zinc plays an essential role in the fuctions of many body parts including liver, eyes, bones, kidneys, etc. As a result, it is possible to understand that cottage cheese intake may contribute to stronger immunity health and reduced danger of appetite loss.

6. Antioxidants

You may not know but selenium is one of the most important factors which lead to various benefits of cottage cheese. To specify, this element will be responsible for working against prostate cancer by releasing antioxidant acitivities. Furthermore, some studies have shown that cottage cheese intake may help patients of colon cancer live longer.

Adverse Effects

After reading this article, it is highly certain that many people will start increasing cottage cheese intake. However, it is important to remember that only cottage cheese is consumed properly, will it bring satisfactory outcome to your health.

Because cottage cheese contains a considerable amount of salt, excessive cottage cheese consumption may be not good for diabetic patients as it can result in high blood pressure. Thus, diabetic patients should be careful while consuming cottage cheese.





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