5 Surprising herbs that can damage the liver


There are some herbs that can undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the body. They are frequently used alongside supplements and other useful dietary components, helping people improve on their health. This is why many herbs are recommended as part of a diet that people can take for themselves. Consumers can make the most out of their diet when they combine these useful herbs. But there are plenty of herbs that will carry some substantial problems, including those that may cause liver damage. Reviewing these five surprising herbs that can damage the liver will help provide people with a better overall understanding of these issues. It can also give people understanding of the common issues that are associated with liver functioning.

1. Comfrey

This is a unique herb, but it has made its way onto this list thanks to the different chemicals it contains. It does contain quite a few alkaloids, which can have a substantial impact on the body. Users will need to be wary of taking in too much comfrey in their diet. The herb is actually no longer sold in the U.S., thanks to this inclusion. It is found in a few creams or ointments, which has allowed people to apply it topically. But users should try to avoid ingesting too much of it, since it can cause a build up of alkaloids.

2. Kava-kava

Kava has gained quite a bit of fame for its use as a ceremonial drink in different cultures from Oceania. The supplement is derived from grinding up the kava-kava root powder. This powder can be used for a few different types of medicinal purposes, but users should be wary of it. It is another herb that can damage the liver. The usage of kava has been banned in many European countries, including Switzerland and Germany.

3. Green tea

Dieters everywhere are finding that they can improve their health in a few simple ways with green tea. It does have a number of notable side effects, which has drawn in attention from many users. But people have also discovered that there are a few prominent down sides. This is particularly true for anyone who is using a concentrated dose of the green tea supplement.

4. Skullcap

Since it was originally used by Native American cultures to treat different forms of stress and anxiety, this supplement is frequently discussed. But aside from its different benefits, there are some prominent downsides to consider. There is some evidence and speculation that skullcap could cause a significant amount of liver damage.

5. Chaparral

This herb does contain a few different known compounds that can cause liver damage. One of them includes NDGA, which has made its way onto some warning lists lately. Users are advised to exercise caution if they want to test out this supplement for themselves. If users notice that they are developing jaundice or other major symptoms of liver damage, they should quickly seek out help for themselves.








Sandeep Godiyal
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