5 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Dog


Traveling with pets can be a lot of fun but it can also mean a lot of hassle. I remember telling my family I was taking my dog, Harley, along with me on a road trip and needless to say, I received a lot of odd looks and comments questioning why I would do that. If you’re on the fence about taking your dog along on your travels, here are 5 reasons why I definitely think you should!

No Homesickness

Keep yourself from being homesick by bringing your dog with you when you travel. You won’t have to worry about leaving your pet at home, and you’ll miss your home less with your best friend by your side. You can take longer trips because you don’t have to think about getting home early so you won’t miss your dog so much (and vice versa!).

If you’re traveling with kids, having your dogs with you can keep them occupied during long trips. Not only that, it makes everyone less anxious to be in new places with the comfort of familiarity.

Bye-Bye Boredom

Having your dog with you when you travel can keep you from getting bored. Let’s face it, traveling is fun, but it can get a bit boring when you have no one to enjoy it with. And no one knows fun better than your dog. You can take them out for a walk to enjoy the scenery and while familiarizing yourself with the place.

One way to hype up your new experience is to see your dog enjoying that experience as well. Going to the beach? Look forward to seeing your landlocked dog meet the ocean for the first time! It can be an amazing experience for the both of you.

Meet Fellow Pet Lovers

When you’re on a pet-friendly trip, you’re bound to meet fellow pet lovers who brought their dogs on the trip with them. You and your dog can meet a lot of new friends this way.

Meeting new people can get awkward, but with your love for dogs to serve as a common ground, then it can become a whole lot easier. There’s nothing more enjoyable than being able to enjoy pet-friendly activities with other people who share your love for dogs.  This will give you the chance to meet great friends from all over the world. And your dogs can, too!

Luxurious Accommodations

If you think you’ll have to give up luxurious accommodations because you’re taking your pet with you on a trip, then you’re wrong. A lot of luxurious places now allow pets, as long as you have the proper documents to ensure that they are healthy and don’t pose any health risks to other pets in the area.  You and your dog can enjoy pet-friendly destinations without having to downgrade. Google for some sites for pet friendly accommodation (it was really helpful for my trip planning).

New Sights

Having a pet-friendly itinerary may mean that you’re taking the less walked paths. This is great especially if you want to avoid the more tourist crowded places. Even just checking out the local dog park can provide new sights for you that you wouldn’t normally go to if you were traveling without your dog.

Some countries are largely dog friendly. For example, you can go most anywhere in Italy with your dog. It would be best if you know which destinations are pet-friendly before deciding to take your pet with you.

Traveling with your pet can be an amazing experience. Most people think it will be a lot of hassle at first but if it’s well planned and you have everything you need such as a reliable carrier, leash/harness among other essentials when you travel with your pet, you will find that it is not all that difficult. Most places are very pet friendly these days anyway so take the step and have an adventure with your dog!

Leigh Norton
Leigh is a writer and animal lover who founded popular pet blog, Petsho.com. Over on Petsho, she covers pet related topics, tips for pet care/health and is known for her in depth reviews on pet products and supplies. As a mom to 3 children (and 2 fur kids), Leigh is passionate about topics on pets, family, children and motherhood.