5 Reasons You Should Know About Ashitaba


Ashtiaba is a leafy green plant that is native to southern Japan and when I started learning about this stuff it blew me away that is not mainstream yet. Like many superfoods this stuff is chock full of benefits in almost every system of your body but these 5 are the ones that make it stand out even among the greats!

  1. Chalcones
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. More Potent Antioxidant Than Matcha
  4. Neuro Growth Factor
  5. Rebuilds DNA

I will get into each of these benefits in detail but lets talk a little bit about Ashitaba. It’s a celery like plant but to think of it like celery would be like taking kale and saying it is like iceberg lettuce it’s just to powerful a plant to compare to something mundane like celery. It does have the same type of stem and leaves just more it’s just more “super”. The whole plant is edible everything from the stem up and it has more vitamins and minerals in it than just about any green I have encountered but beyond that it has a couple really awesome constituents that are totally unique to it.


You have probably never heard of Chalcones but they make up about 4% of the content of this plant and have incredible properties. What they are is actually a carcinogen but not like what you would think they have no negative effect on your natural body but when it comes to free radicals, uric acid, and bad cholesterol they decimate them. While I was researching Ashitaba I found many accounts of people making almost no change in there lifestyle and correcting their blood levels with Ashitaba tea alone. That’s a superfood!

Vitamin B12

If your reading natural news you probably are a vegetarian or at least know someone who is and you probably also know that protein is super easy to get from natural sources. The thing is a lot of vegetarians supplement vitamin B12 because it is actually a little tricky to get an abundance of in a normal veggy diet. That problem is no more with ashitaba this plant is packed with vitamin B12 and supplementing with a normal dose of Ashitaba is going to give your B’s in whole form without using turning to a isolated vitamin.


These are all the rage these days and why wouldn’t they be they protect from free radicals improve your complexion and boost your immune system. All this while reducing inflammation and promoting a longer life, give me some antioxidants. If you asked me before I knew about Ashitaba how to get them I would say Matcha but now I know that Ashitaba tea actually has 20-30% more than even matcha, go baby go.

Neuro Growth Factor

Not sure if you have ever heard of these but Neuro Growth Factor (NGF) is a serious brain booster. Think of it like a natural type of human growth hormone that specifically targets grows and extends the life of your nerves and neurons. The effect, improved brain function and prevention/treatment of brain and memory diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia.


This one is last but certainly not least. The combined effect of chalcones, antioxidants and NGF in Ashitaba are like the perfect cocktail for your DNA. The DNA in your body is under constant stress and is also constantly being damaged and rebuilt, the DNA cocktail that is Ashitaba tea will minimize damage while maximizing regeneration preventing desegregation of and regenerating your DNA on the fly.

So those are the top five reasons I swapped out my matcha tea for Ashitaba tea almost every day of the week.


Nicholas Eberle