5 Reasons to Become a Counselor


Being a counselor is a great chance to start new career as well as make drastic changes in one’s life towards new targets.  The main idea is to provide students with necessary educational and sometimes health support in order to make it easier for them go follow their school career. Being a counselor is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. A person should be an experienced psychologist in order to establish individual approach as well as direct a student to the right way choosing appropriate career. At the same time there should always be a link between students and their parents. And counselor is the one who is responsible for that. If a person has all necessary qualities for being a counselor, he or she will certainly be rewarded as this job offers wide range of possibilities and options. So what are the main benefits of being a counselor?

Flexible Hours and Vacation

As a rule counselor works 9 month in a year. When the education year is over, they go on vacations as well as the rest of students and teachers. In other words you do not have to beg your boss for some free time in order to spend it with your family and friends somewhere on the beach. You will have full simmer days off. At the same time counselor’s working schedule coincides on educational program. It means that additional vacations can also be available throughout the working year. This position also lets you be involved in different summer activities including camping, traveling, etc. Summing up you can forget about those days when you were not able to spend Christmas with your relatives due to working shifts unless you are eager to get additional income during vacation. This is also possible if you need additional financial source.

Do Something Meaningful

We all need to bear fruit from our work along with clear understanding that our actions are meaningful. It can turn out to be additional boost and impulse to set ourselves new targets and reach them by all means. Working as counselor means that you will have a chance to help students overcome different obstacles and problems which can often occur during educational period. At the same time one of the main counselor’s goals includes developing them from social point of view interacting with family, friends and other students. If you are looking for a job to help students with their achieve, counselor will certainly be the best bet for you providing with total satisfaction of what you do along with sense of necessity.

Interesting Job

Working as a counselor considers diverse responsibilities. In other words you can be absolutely certainly that you will never get bored with your duties. On the other hand you should be well-prepared to busy working schedules and shifts. You will have several meetings along with specific discussions on particular topics throughout the day. You will communicate with your colleagues, teachers, students and their parents. It is all part of a one big deal which is called “being a counselor”. Your job will also include interviews and tests which will help to reveal different talents and hidden potential of your students.

Interesting Social Life

Permanent social interaction is another great benefit of being counselor. Those who are eager to implement their interpersonal and communication skills should obviously choose this profession. You will never work in isolation. Every day will be filled with cooperation, discussions, meeting, etc. You will be involved in all aspects of social life. Working as a counselor can be compared with profession of social worker. You need to have good administrative skills as well as be supportive and open-hearted. If you have all these qualities, you may certainly count on successful career of counselor. At the same time you will be provided with wide range of educational formats.

Good Offers and Salary

The last but not the least advantage of being a counselor includes perfect career perspectives and salary. The necessity in qualified specialists is increasingly high nowadays. It grows appropriately o the level of average salary. Pay attention that this factor will also depend on the level of qualification and experience. However you can gain it throughout starting stages of your career growing into professional counselor.

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Dmitri Breakston