5 Raw Garlic Benefits for Reversing Disease


Garlic is second only to turmeric in the number of medical studies which have been conducted to research the number of ways in which it is good for human health. As a matter of fact, there are to date over 4,400 clinical studies on ways in which garlic can benefit the body.

Why is it so effective? Garlic is a member of the illustrious allium family (which also includes leeks, onions and shallots) and it is incredibly high in vitamins and minerals as well as active ingredients like flavonoids, allicin and sulfur, just to name a few. It is due to these nutrients that garlic has so many amazing healing properties, like the ones below.

Treats Hair Loss (Alopecia)

In Turkey and parts of the Middle East, research is being conducted on the use of garlic for hair loss – for both men and women. Mazandaran University of Medical Science, in Iran, recently tested a gel infused with garlic on patients who were taking corticosteroids to treat hair loss. It was found that the garlic gel significantly added to the improvement of the alopecia. (1)

Reduces Cancer Risk

The National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institute of Health, has come out with statements praising the use of garlic as a means of preventing the development of cancer. In a recent review of studies, it found that there is a definite link between high consumption of garlic and the avoidance of certain forms of cancer such as breast, pancreas, colon, esophageal and stomach cancer. (2)

Normalizes High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem and also constitutes a major risk for diseases like heart attacks and strokes. There are many studies, however, that shows that garlic is able to normalize the blood pressure: in one study, for instance, published in the journal Maturitas, 50 patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure were given 960mg of encapsulated garlic for 3 months and found that, on average, the garlic caused a ten point drop in blood pressure!(3)

Improves Cardiac Health

Heart disease in the number one killer in the United States (and many other countries around the world). However, research has shown the garlic is useful for preventing this as well. For instance, researchers in Germany found that garlic inhibits the binding of calcium to cholesterol, thus also preventing the build-up of plaque in the arteries which leads to heart disease.(4)

Cures Viral and Bacterial Infections

Garlic has been found to have both antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it a great choice to treat infections, including those caused by MRSA, an extremely resistant form of staphylococcus, H. pylori (which is responsible for the formation of stomach ulcers) and herpes simplex 1 and 2. Since many of these infections have proven difficult to treat with traditional medicine, the use of garlic is very important. (5)

From this alone, it is easy to see why garlic has been the subject of so much medical research. Its unique combination of nutrient, antioxidants and other active compounds make it a natural and effective treatment choice for many serious conditions.

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