5 Psychological Strategies to Help You Overcome Addiction


When we think of addiction, many people think of alcohol, drugs or gambling. But addiction can be applied to a far broader group of issues.

These days we’re seeing an increase in the number of people addicted to food, technology (like social media sites) and even sex. Each of these can have a deleterious effect on one’s health and well-being, and each of them will therefore need to be resolved.

Certainly there is more help available to get over an addiction that ever before. From medications that will help you beat an addiction to highly effective counselling programs today’s addict has more tools than ever before to help them overcome their dependence.

Yet there’s one fact that can get forgotten amongst all this professional help; in almost every case you’re going to need a good deal of motivation and self-discipline if you are to beat an addiction. In essence, while there are all manner of people that can help you on your journey, nobody can beat your addiction for you. The process still involves you no matter what.

So if your state of mind is so critical to the effectiveness of your treatment, what are the key factors that will help you to remain strong and stay the course of your treatment? What skills should you develop to help you successfully gain freedom from your addiction?

Acceptance That There Is a Problem

If nobody can beat your addiction for you the first step should be an acceptance that there is a problem. Too many detox and rehabilitation attempts fail because the addict refuses to accept that there is a problem. They are under the impression that there is no addiction, and that they are fully in control of the situation.

Only when you are ready to hold your hand up and admit that you have a problem – and need help – will you be ready to start any kind of treatment program.

Confidence That There Is a Solution

Once you’ve accepted that you have a problem it’s all too easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your life. In other words some addicts suffer from a “victim mentality”, feeling like their life is out of control and there is nothing that can be done to resolve of their issues.

Of course this isn’t true; addicts beat their addictions every day of the year. Many of them have had it far worse than you. Yet they succeeded. One of the keys is to believe deep down in your core that there is a solution. There is a way to get your life back on track. It’ll be work – but you’ll get there.

Only then will you fully commit yourself to getting better.

Strong-Willed Enough That Problems Will Not Unnerve Me

Any journey will have good points and bad points. You’ll have successes and failures; it’s the nature of the beast. The key here is to celebrate the wins while not letting the problems get you down. You must get into the mind-set that problems are only temporary while your ultimate success will be permanent.

Belief That You Will Ultimately Succeed

What do you think the odds of becoming a Hollywood celebrity really are? How about a famous pop star or suchlike? Pretty small I think you’d agree; which is one reason why so many people who’d love to achieve these goals never even get started. In essence they’re overcome with the enormity of the problem and the slim chance of success.

A very similar theme applies to beating an addiction. Those who don’t really believe that they will eventually succeed no matter what may struggle to apply themselves 100% to their chosen treatment program. When the odds of success are so slight, why bother trying too hard, they think. Of course this soon becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as their effort causes their failure.

To beat an addiction you need to be the opposite; you need to believe beyond all reasonable doubt that you can beat your addiction. That you will be successful. As a result you’ll find that subconsciously you apply yourself even more to the task at hand – and see a better end result because of this.

Modesty To Accept Advice From Others

The final skill that will help you to overcome your addiction is the modesty to accept that none of us know all the answers. There are experts who know far more about things than us; it is the wise person who has enough modesty to accept this and seek the advice of the most experienced individuals.

Paige Hawin
Paige is passionate about natural health. She has spent years reading about, and testing, a range of natural supplements and health programs with the aim of helping her body to naturally repair itself.