5 Morning Habits that Will Make Your Day


Wanna have a great day today? How will you do it, exactly? Perhaps you already decided before you slept that you’d have a great day when you woke up. Maybe you’ve even had good dreams and so your mood is positive upon arising from your slumber.

But wait, you’re running late because you’ve just realized you slept over your alarm and now you’ll be rushing out the door with barely a breakfast. Hopefully, you’ve had time to at least start some coffee.

So, what’s missing? You’ve not had a chance to decide on having a great day yet. Furthermore, you’re likely to have a rushed day and this may be cause for your day to turn out, well, not so great.

A morning routine is important because it sets the precedent for your day. Without this routine, critical functions in your day may be disrupted for the factors that occurred first thing in the morning. Waking up with stress and anxiety is cause for negative energy in your path.

Instead of rushing, as most people do, try to take your time waking up. Allow yourself to wake up naturally, on time, in such a fashion that you’re prepared for the day BEFORE you leave the house.

Here’s 5 Morning Habits that Will Make Your Day! 

Wake up Early 
Ask any successful person what their secret to success is – they’ll tell you… Wake up early, every day. Even on the weekends.

Allowing your body to adjust itself to a natural sleep circadian rhythm will help you to wake up naturally in the morning. You should allow yourself up to 8 hours of sleep time, some people only need five or six hours. Go to bed early, wake up early. Another advantage of waking early – it will help you sleep better each night. Hence, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start each new day.
Eating a Healthy Breakfast 
You’ve heard it your whole life, eat a healthy breakfast to start the day. Yet, you still don’t eat breakfast. Why? Time, you say. I’m not hungry in the morning, you say.

It’s time to break these bad habits and begin eating a healthy breakfast every day! Grab some yogurt and fruit. Eat an egg (or two). It doesn’t have to be a lot of food, just a few hundred calories to get your metabolism moving.

You’re already up early and you’ve had healthy foods to eat. Why not get a little workout in before you start the day. Research shows that regular exercise boosts mood and fitness not to mention providing energy for work and again, exercise helps create deeper sleep cycles, hence, a healthy, natural circadian rhythm which will help you to maintain this routine.

Try Yoga. It’s a great form of exercise whereupon you can also find the breathing techniques to be meditative in nature.

Meditating and Daily affirmations are recommended by highly successful people around the globe for the health benefits of mind-body and spirit. Studies indicate that there is evidence of improved pain levels, stress and anxiety in those that practice a daily meditation program.

Take a few minutes each morning to reflect upon your previous day. Maybe those awesome dreams you were having before you woke up captivated you in such a way that you’d like to try to remember what was happening so you can analyze them later.

Journaling could be considered a form of meditation but it’s definitely a brain exercise. Get your fingers moving, get your thoughts moving… get them out on paper. It’s even fun!

Keeping a calendar is another recommendation of highly successful people. It’s a simple early morning function that will literally save you time and energy, later. This activity will increase your productivity levels before you even get your day started and setting goals or intentions for your day can also be a powerful way to set the expectations of what you want to achieve.

*Bonus Tip! – Drink Water
Your body becomes severely dehydrated when you sleep and is desperate for water when you wake up. Try to avoid drinking coffee and other beverages in the morning before you’ve had your water during the first hour after waking up. Water will also help your body wake up naturally and you should feel more energized, even without the coffee!

Try to wake up early. That’s the first (and most important) step. The rest should fall into place from there. Have fun with your morning ritual. It’s your morning after all.





Claire John
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