5 Life Hacks for New Parents


If only having a baby came with a manual. Unfortunately, life just doesn’t work that way. But the good news is, there are articles such as this one, to help you with being a new parent. Here are 5 life hacks for new parents to help you parent smarter instead of harder. Being a parent is hard enough; why not make it easier on yourself?

Help Baby Fall Asleep with White Noise

One of the ultimate questions that all new parents seem to have is, “How do I get my baby to sleep?” While there is no one size fits all solution, there is something that seems to help most babies fall asleep and you can do it with things that you already have at home. What is this magic that puts babies to sleep? White noise! Babies love white noise as it mimics the sounds that they heard in the womb. Instead of going out and buying some fancy new white noise machine, you can use a vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, or fan instead. Read of for more life hacks for new parents!

Use Frozen Food to Naturally Soothe a Teething Baby

Instead of buying potentially harmful teething gels, why not try this tried and true life hack?  Cold food is a great way to soothe the pain from teething. For babies that are already eating solid foods, cold food is perfect. You can try anything from frozen celery sticks, bananas, or even cut up grapes. Cold yoghurt or applesauce can also work well. Just put the frozen food in a mesh feeder so that baby can safely chew on it without the worry of large pieces potentially breaking off.

Stick a Dropper through a Pacifier to Easily Administer Vitamins

Our third on the list of life hacks for new parents is an important one. Sometimes babies need extra vitamins and minerals in liquid form. Here’s an easy life hack to help babies get the nutrition that they need. Cut a small hole in the tip of a pacifier and stick a  dropper through it. Then you can easily administer liquids through the pacifier. This is an easy way to help baby get the extra nutrients that they may need.

Save Money on your Nursery by Getting Creative

Babies can be expensive. Between having to buy a crib and bedding and everything else, expenses can add up. One way to save money is to get creative with nursery items. For storing baby board books and children’s books, instead of buying an expensive bookshelf, use Ikea spice racks. They’re the perfect size to store kid’s books, can be painted to match your nursery colors and they are super affordable. Instead of buying a baby crib that will only last for a few months, why not get a convertible crib that can last for years?

Repurpose your Current Items

Parenting is all about being creative. Look around and see the other uses for items. Need to baby proof cabinets but don’t want to buy expensive gadgets to do the job? Try zip ties! Need a door stopper? Try a pool noodle. Take your laundry basket to the bathroom and use it to hold baby and bath toys so that they don’t float away. The possibilities are endless when you repurpose what you already own.

About the Author: Gessell is a new mom to a third culture kid with a passion for sharing parenting tips. Check out her adventures at Gessell + Lee: A Family Travel Blog
Gessell is a mom to a beautiful baby girl and wife to an amazing husband. On her blog she shares her experience as an American expat and family travel expert. Follow along at http://www.gessellandlee.com