5 Important Skin Care Tips – Your Route To A Perfect And Healthy Skin


So, you are not able to find enough time to take care of your skin intensively? Well, if you can stick to the basics you can still be able to maintain the best skin. Healthy life style and proper skin care will help you delay normal aging process while preventing different skin problems. Here are some important skin care tips that will help you achieve your skin care goals.

  1. Sun Protection Is Important

Amongst some of the best ways for taking proper care of skin is having enough protection from sun. Keeping your skin overly exposed to sun can result in age spots, wrinkles, and different other problems of skin. It can even lead to skin cancer.

To make sure you have utmost protection from sun, first thing to do is to use some sunscreen. Go for one that has broad spectrum and its SPF value is 15, at the very least. Generously apply your sunscreen after every 2 hours. Use more of it in case if you are perspiring or swimming.

Furthermore, make sure that you wear protective clothes. Wear shirts with long sleeves that are tightly woven, long pants as well as hats with wider brims. Using laundry additives can also be good as it provides your clothes with extra layer of UV protection.

  1. Don’t Smoke

It has been proven that smoking makes the skin look a lot older than what it actually is and contributes heavily to the formation of wrinkles. Small blood vessels present in skin’s outer layer are narrowed down by smoking and this reduces the flow of blood. So, the skin does not get enough of nutrients and oxygen which are important for skin health.

Furthermore, smoking is damaging for elastin and collagen which are the fibers that provide elasticity and strength to the skin. Furthermore, the repetitive expressions of face made by you while smoking – like squinting the eyes so that the smoke can be kept out or pursing the lips while inhaling – can result in wrinkles.

  1. Look Forward to Natural Skin Care

Refresh and purify the skin by opting for weekly facial treatment at your home or at spa. Such a treatment, like face mask, is regarded as a significant step which is usually overlooked in your skin care routine.

  1. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

As moisture can be zapped from your skin because of weather conditions sometimes, exfoliating the skin is necessary for keeping it revitalized and fresh. Exfoliating the body as well as your face every week will simply remove the dead cells and dirt, allowing the creams to deliver extra moisture by quickly setting in.

  1. Drink More

Drink more water, 15-20 glasses at least, in order to make sure that your skin remains hydrated. Besides offering the required moisture, it helps in flushing toxic contents as well.





John Smith