5 Healthy Reasons to Get Out and Date


Dating does far more than just silence that part of yourself that craves companionship – it’s something that stimulates mental and emotional expansion, and has the potential to teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you. Dating isn’t just a romantic, or social activity, it’s something that can change your perspective on life, and open your eyes to a new world that you’ve never seen.

5 Reasons to Make Dating a Priority in your Life

1) It teaches you to be social

Dating is one romantic activity that forcefully throws you into social situations that you may not normally encounter. It pushes you to put yourself out there, and it drives you to be more sociable, and active in the world. By consciously choosing to date more often and with more people, you’re doing more than just flirting, you’re building up your social presence, and becoming more approachable, and charismatic as a result.

2) It gives you insight on the people around you

When you go on a date you’re not just going out by yourself; you’re going out with someone else, and that basic social interaction gives you insight into other person’s motivations, intentions, and social behaviors. When you agree to take someone up on their offer to go out on a date, you get an opportunity to learn more about them, and you also invite them to learn more about you.

3) It makes you happier

We as humans are all social creatures. This means that going out, having fun, and choosing to be sociable drives our wellness, and also our well-being. Humans have an incredibly strong need to connect with other people on a deep level, so by actively choosing to date you’re not just having fun, you’re also improving your mental and emotional health in the process.

4) It can improve your attitude

Choosing to date means that you’re choosing to share the spotlight and this leads to an improved attitude, and more empathy. Choosing to date someone means acknowledging that the world doesn’t just revolve around your feelings, and you’re forced to care about another person’s well being. This creates a safe environment to connect, and it also naturally breeds empathy, and concern for the people around you.

5) It boosts your self-confidence

One of the biggest upsides to dating is that it can genuinely boost your confidence and it can make you find your true love. By putting yourself in situations where you’re interacting with, and having fun with someone that you’re romantically interested in, it makes it easier to be open, honest, and confident in the future when you’re dating someone new.

Choosing to make dating a part of your life will turn your entire existence into a learning experience. Everyday you’ll learn something new about either yourself, or the person you’re choosing to spend time with, and that worldly knowledge will stay with you for the rest of your life sharing true passion and love with each other. The life lessons that you’re awarded from consistently dating far outweigh the benefits of avoiding dating altogether.