5 Easy to Grow Veggies for Your Own Organic Produce


If you have always wanted to know what it’s like to grow and eat your own fresh vegetables, but are scared because you have no gardening experience, don’t worry. Not all vegetables are fussy and require a lot of expertise. Below are listed five of the easiest plants to grow so that you can have your own garden even if you have never gardened before and even if you only have a balcony or deck to grow things out of!


There is a reason why this is America’s most popular vegetable to grow at home! These versatile plants area easy to grow, even if they do require a bit of attention and plenty of water and sunlight! Make sure you put a cage or other support around your tomato plants when they are young, because they will need it as they get older and if you see any large, green tomato worms on them (which is typical), remove them manually to keep them from decimating your crop. Garden-fresh tomatoes are one of the great treats of summer!

Bell Peppers

Peppers are in the same family as tomatoes – the nightshade family – and have similar requirements: lots of water, lots of sun and lots of heat! Like tomatoes, too, they can grow out of the ground or in containers on a porch and be careful because tomatoes worms can also be a problem on these guys as well! Yellow, green, orange or red bell peppers can all be part of your garden and add a bit of color to your back porch or deck!

Green Beans

This is another easy vegetable to grow that is also likely to give you a high yield. In this category, broad beans are probably the easiest to grow. If you buy pole beans, make sure to plant them near a trellis or other object for them to climb on as they can get quite tall. You can plant these as soon as the danger of frost has passed and they are more cold-tolerant than peppers or tomatoes.

Summer Squash

This can be a high-yield vegetable and even a few plants, if successful, will keep you in squash for a long time! Keep in mind, however, than squash need to be planted in a fairly sheltered space, as they do not like the wind. However, besides that they are pretty easy to grow and among the varieties, Gold Rush or Sure Thing are best for beginners.


Potatoes are probably one of America’s favorite vegetables and can be grown in the garden or even in a large bucket! They like well-drained soil with lots of sunshine and the seed potatoes from a garden center are the best way to begin them. Wait until the after the plants flower and then start to die back before you dig them up.

So even if you have never gardened before, don’t fret. These plants are hardy, easy to grow and can be very forgiving of mistakes you might make when you are starting to learn to garden. They are also a great way to have your own at-home organic produce!

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