4 Ways to Find Peace of Mind


Peace of mind need not be a far off thing that we touch only once in a while when everything around us works right. If we take a few precautions about creating the right external ambiance, and set the right conditions externally as well, peace of mind can be a basis on which we can build a more beautiful life.

#1 Classical Music

Several studies have looked at the effect that classical music has on helping people beat stress and relax. Researchers have found that we bounce back much better from stressful experiences while listening to classical music. It isn’t just Bach, Mozart or Chopin that does the trick. Indian classical music has also been show to improve mood and boost concentration.

#2 Yoga & Meditation

There are numerous studies conducted on yoga and meditation, and one seems to come out every other day featuring a new way how these practices benefit us. Yoga can help to reduce stress and simultaneously make us less susceptible to stressful episodes. These practices are in fact also recommended for cancer patients. Yoga for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy is known to help them go through the episode with less side effects and greater mental strength. Also, 15 minutes of the Hatha Yoga practice of Surya Namaskar is known to have a relaxing effect on the body.

#3 Dark Chocolate

Finally, some good stuff about chocolate. Chocolate, but only the dark variet with 70% and above of cocoa, contains compounds that reduce the stress hormone cortisol. There are several other benefits for the body and mind, that come from consuming chocolate, including balanced blood pressure and better metabolic activity. So if you ever feel stressed out, take a bite of your favorite dark chocolate bar. Note that things work best in moderation when dealing with commercial chocolate bars, since they often contain more than just cocoa. So don’t overeat!

#4 Take Charge of Your Mind

All the tips above can help a great deal with finding mental peace, but unless we create the right environment for them to take root, they won’t work. Being aware that the quality of our thoughts and mental process is in our hands is the first step towards a greater feeling of peace of mind. Maintaining this willingness to change and take action can also be a major step in a person’s spiritual growth, which ultimately creates a firmer basis for us to build our life on.

Ananya Mathur