4 Ways Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Can Improve Your Health


Many of us are often hesitant to give new-age methods of health and wellness a try, preferring, instead, to stick to more conventional means. But there’s no reason why a person can’t use both conventional and alternative wellness methods at the same time. Aromatherapy and essential oils are a perfect example of this, as they can be used as a precursor or a complement to more traditional types of medicine. There are hundreds of ways to utilize essential oils, and so there is no shortage of ways in which they can be used to improve your health.


Helping to ease depression is one of the most important ways that essential oils can be used to complement traditional medicine. Inhaling oils via aromatherapy can have a similar effect to the type of medication a psychiatrist may prescribe for someone with depression. Aromatherapy simply works on a smaller scale, as the essential oils can help boost serotonin levels. Obviously, essential oils should not take the place of counseling or any talk therapy, nor should they be looked at as a quick fix for depression. But considering the addictive and potentially harmful nature of anti-depressants, essential oils are a safer alternative.


Along the same lines of helping with depression, essential oils may also be used to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety. There are several oils that are known to help soothe your mind and improve your mood, which is why many people practice aromatherapy at home in their free time. These essential oils can provide a mild and temporary solution to stress and anxiety. Again, it should not be considered a replacement to traditional medicine for someone with chronic anxiety. But for someone who can stand to take a break and relax every now and then, aromatherapy with essential oils can be quite useful.


Treating headaches is another potential health benefit of essential oils. Several essential oils have shown the ability to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, including migraines. Inhaling oils via aromatherapy may be able to stop your current headache without having to take any medication. Also, using aromatherapy to prevent stress and anxiety, as discussed above, can help prevent future headaches. Obviously, if you suffer from frequent or serious headaches, you should seek out a medical professional, but for the occasional headache, essential oils can make for a good first line of defense.


Finally, essential oils may be used as a sleep aid. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a variety of health issues. However, aromatherapy may help to rectify this issue, as some essential oils can actually get your Circadian rhythms in order so you can get yourself on a proper sleep schedule. If essential oils can help you develop good sleeping habits, you will be less likely to develop serious or chronic medical conditions that can plague you for years to come.

It’s important to recognize that aromatherapy and essential oils should not be relied upon to solve a serious medical issue. However, they can prove useful for acute conditions or be used as complementary treatment with a doctor’s permission. When in doubt, always consult a medical professional before using essential oils to treat yourself.