4 Great Nuts That Support Your Liver Health


Today, most people know that eating nuts is actually good for you.  Sure, they may be loaded with fat, but it is the ‘good’ kind of fat that is quite healthy for your body and promotes a host of positive benefits in the body.  In fact, snacking on a handful of nuts each day can allay your appetite, give you shiny hair and glowing skin, help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, help your heart, and so much more, like support liver health.

That’s right.  Today, any individuals who are living with liver disease are actually advised to include nuts in their diet because nuts ease the stress of detoxification on the liver.

Benefits of Adding Nuts to Your Diet:

1) Nut have a low risk of toxicity because of their thick shells. Those shells allow them to keep all pollutants out, thus the low risk of toxicity.

2) Nuts are also a good source of protein, are high in antioxidants, and are a good source of unsaturated fats.  For those with a compromised liver, protein is essential.  It provides the building blocks for new cells and tissue repair and it helps make sure the immune system functions correctly.  As for antioxidants, these will help neutralize free radicals, which are known to damage liver cells.  Unsaturated fats will protect against fat accumulation in the liver and help build healthy cell membranes around the liver cells.

Which Nuts to Choose:

1)  Brazil Nuts: These are a good source of selenium. Selenium is especially important to anyone with liver disease because it helps protect against damage to liver cells, strengthens immunity and contributes to tissue elasticity.

2)  Walnuts:  These nuts contain arginine, an amino acid which helps the liver detoxify ammonia.  They also contain Omega 3s, which help with detoxification as well.

3) Pecans: Pecans are another nut that are high in vitamins and minerals.  In fact, this nut is especially rich in a form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherols.  One study found that after eating pecans, the levels of gamma-tocopherols in the body actually doubled and the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood decreased by as much as 33 percent.  This means that pecans could be a major weapon in the fight against fatty liver disease.

4)  Almonds: Finally, adding almonds to your diet is a big win when it comes to liver health.  Almonds have as much calcium as milk, and they contain magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and selenium.  Magnesium aids in blood vessel relaxation, which helps moves blood smoothly throughout the liver. Almonds also help reduce blood sugar surges after meals, which are a known contributor to fatty liver disease.

So, add these four nuts to your grocery list and help improve your liver health right away!

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