27 Year History: The Most Unknown Natural Cancer Treatment


The most surprising discoveries can come from the most unexpected places. One such discovery was made during the 1980’s by a Cuban biologist, Misael Bordier Chibas. He was testing the effect of various snake, spider, and scorpion poisons against different ailments when he noticed an improvement in rats and dogs that were affected by cancerous tumors. Since Bordier’s death in 2005, continued research and improvements to the blue scorpion serum have been continued in the Dominican Republic.

Once thought only to exist in Cuba, the same scorpion species (rhopalurus princeps/junceus) was discovered in the Dominican Republic in 2004 by Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian, a Russian scientist that took an interest in Bordier’s work. From 2007 Dr. Mikaelian, with the Ministry of Environment and biologist Kelvin Guerrero, organized intensive expeditions to locate vast quantities of blue scorpions (rhopalurus princeps/junceus). By 2010, the world’s largest blue scorpion reservation was established and the Ministry of Health in the Dominican Republic registered a product based on the scorpion venom for the treatment of pain, inflammation, and most importantly cancer.

Pre-clinical research conducted at UC San Diego has recently been revealed that appears to substantiate the testimonies of tens of thousands of patients that have been using the Caribbean blue scorpion venom since the 1990’s. What appears to be a contributing factor to the efficacy of the blue scorpion venom is a patented polarization technology. A white paper on this patented polarization technology described it this way:

This new approach, corresponding to vibrational frequency, uses magnetic frequencies and is able to resonate and interact with any given substance and compound, liquid or solid form, at an atomic level. It energizes and changes their atomic spin from dextrorotatory (Right atomic movement) to levorotatory (left atomic movement).

By exciting electrons, changing their orbital movement and un-pairing the electrons, the polarization process increases the compound’s absorption level, and therefore, its bio-availability.

This new discovery can have a dramatic effect on the bio-pharmaceutical industry, with a new generation of non-toxic and with minimal side effect drug manufacturing.
In the nutraceutical industry, the polarization technology is able to increase the efficiency of natural compounds up to synthetic drug levels.

In genetic science, this technology will be able to target specific genes or an entire codon by emitting complex mixed waves to increase or decrease certain activities in the gene expression by affecting the process of synthesizing a functional gene product in protein or non-protein gene coding processes, such as a transfer of RNA (tRNA) or small nuclear RNA (snRNA) genes, the product is a functional RNA.

This technology can be used in the agricultural industry as an alternative to genetically modified products (GMO). Now it will be possible to increase or decrease specific, naturally implemented, abilities of DNA and RNA in products without changing their DNA structure.

Even more interesting, the pre-clinical data seems to suggest a complementary benefit of blue scorpion venom when used alongside conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

This is yet another example of Mother Nature giving us natural treatments to one of our scariest illnesses.


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Rosa Margarita
My name is Rosa Margarita and ever since my best friend was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer I have made it my mission to research and present information I've found to help others. I am from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and have been passionate about alternative cancer treatments since my friend went into remission using an alternative path after conventional treatments failed.