21 Powerful Uses of Frankincense Oil for Health, Beauty, Wellness and Healing


Essential oils become more and more popular these days, some of them or the right combination may work well for many health conditions, such as lavender, oregano, peppermint, tea tree, lemon and rosemary. And don’t miss another one, frankincense, which can make other essential oils more effective and beneficial to overall health greatly.

Used as an essential oil, frankincense oil deserves its reputation as the “King of Oils”. There are tons of research-based uses for frankincense oil, read on for the uses and benefits of this incredible oil.

For General Health Care

Frankincense oil treats cuts and wounds effectively, and also works to prevent further infection due to its antiseptic properties. Use it after the wound has healed will help you fade the scarring;

The oil acts as a good cleaner as it has anti-bacterial properties. You can feel free to add some drops of it into your homemade cleaners to clean your house;

Frankincense oil also good for eyesight. A simple combination of 3 drops of frankincense oil, helichrysum oil and cypress essential oil makes a good remedy to improve eyesight. Use the mixture around the temples and brow area and keep in mind of that DO NOT put directly into eyes. These oils support nerve tissue, improve circulation to improve your vision;

Mix the oil with baking soda and coconut oil to create your own toothpaste, frankincense oil is useful for several oral issues, such as bad breath, toothaches, canker sores and other infections;

The oil makes you feel relaxed and improve your sleep quality. Diffuse it before your bedtime to relive nervous tension and get a good night sleep.


Frankincense oil is good for digestion, it’s widely used to treat problems such as upset stomach, acid reflux.

Relieves arthritis and joints pain. Mix it with a carrier and rub into the painful areas before you go to sleep, it will give you a relief.

Relieves itching that caused by insect bites. put a few drops of it to the affected area and you’ll get a relief immediately. It will also reduce the swelling.

Diffuse frankincense oil throughout your house will help you a lot especially during cold and flu season. As the antiseptic properties of the oil make it good at support a strong immune system to fight against the cold and flu.

Frankincense oil has ability to boost your blood stream, for people who suffer from poor circulation, massage a few drops of the oil into the back, along the spine will help improve the condition.

Thanks to its calming properties, frankincense oil can be used to treat migraines. Dilute it with a carrier oil such as olive oil or almonds oil and then place two drops onto your fingers and rub into your temples.

The oil also has powerful cancer fighting abilities.

Beauty and Skin Care

Frankincense oil helps clear up acne and control oil for a clearer skin;

Put a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and apply on the wrinkles and fine lines will make them less noticeable;

Apply it on the affected areas to relieve the itching and irritation caused by skin allergies;

It also helps fade the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, apply 1-2 drops of the oil twice a day. This method is also useful for removing skin tags and moles;

Rub frankincense oil into your nails will strengthen and nourish them to help you own strong and beautiful nails;

Dilute frankincense oil with coconut oil makes a great skin moisturizer, use it after washing your face to refresh and soften your skin.

Emotional Well Being

When you feel stressed, simply apply a drop of frankincense oil at the temples or on the back of the neck to get a relief and a feeling of calmness. It works well as a stress and anxiety fighter;

It helps you combat the feelings of helplessness and depression, apply a few drops of the oil on the back of the neck twice per day;

The oil also improves powers of attention at work and study.

Final Notes

When use frankincense oil, add it to a carrier oil like olive, coconut or almond oil is always a better choice. And no matter what you use this oil for, you will be always pleased by this miracle essential oil. Make it as a part of your health regime from now on!

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