20 Reasons You Need a Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse


Below are twenty reasons why going through a detoxifying period to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals is a good idea.

High Mercury Levels
One out of every ten women in childbearing years has dangerously high levels of mercury in their bloodstreams. This can be a major risk for fetal health and development.

Colitis Risk
Many people who ingest laxative regularly for faulty digestion develop colitis. A cleanse can help improve digestion naturally.

Food Risk
Many foods have been found to contain industrial contaminants like dioxin. People can build up toxicity from their food, but a cleanse can help remove those chemicals.

Pesticide Risk
Cleanses also rid the body of pesticides: a recent USDA test found that nearly 62% of all foods samples contained detectable pesticide levels.

Breast Milk Contamination
It is estimated that the breast milk of around 99% of American women can contain DDT. A cleanse can help reduce those levels.

Antibiotic Contamination
Cleansing is also useful after overexposure to antibiotics: it is estimated that eight times more antibiotics are used on livestock than are used on humans.

Synthetic Vitamins
A detox plan can help rid the body of synthetic vitamins, which some believe can actually be detrimental to human health.

White Flour Contamination
Cleansing can rid the body of many of the dangerous chemicals commonly used in white flour, including chlorine and acetone peroxide.

Table Salt Issues
Another common source of toxins could be common table salt; it contains sodium chloride, which the Center for Science the Public Interest sites as dangerous.

MSG Exposure
A good cleanse can help flush out MSG, a common flavor enhancer linked to a variety of health problems.

Acrylamide Buildup
Another good reason to cleanse is if you eat starchy, fried foods: these foods, such as French fries, cracker and potato chips are said to contain acrylamide, a potentially dangerous chemical.

Ridding the body of chlorine build-up is also a good reason to cleanse: regular consumption of chlorinated tap water has been linked to cancer risks.

Aspartame Exposure
Cleansing can also help flush out the harmful metabolites of the artificial sweetener aspartame. This sugar substitute breaks down in the body into formaldehyde and formic acid.

Contamination of Coffee
An estimated 70% of the world’s coffee supply has been adulterated by toxic pesticides and chemicals, which can also be flushed out in the cleansing process.

Inhaled Contaminates
It is easy to inhale contaminates such as dust mites, mildew and mold just around the home, and flushing away the toxic build-up which can result is good for respiratory health.

Indoor Air Pollution
Cleansing the body to avoid the effects of indoor air pollution is a wise, since this kind of pollution accounts for nearly 1.6 million deaths annually.

Arsenic Build-Up
Detoxifying will help the body flush out heavy metals like arsenic, which in many places across the country is at higher levels than is safe, even in public drinking water.

A good cleanse can help rid the body of another toxin, fluoride, which is widely found in drinking water, toothpaste and similar products.

The widespread contamination of the environment makes a regular cleanse to ride the body of these toxins a very good idea for maintaining optimum health.

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