15 Selfless and Worthy Things to Do This Holiday Season


This holiday season is an opportune time for giving.  Even though there are many organizations committed to helping people in need, we can still lend a helping hand to individuals and families who are less fortunate.

For people with limited time and money to spare, it’s not necessary to volunteer countless hours — or donate large amounts of money to a charity. Even taking  small actions — like visiting a lonely senior citizen on Christmas Day, or cooking a meal for a family in need — can go a long way.

15 Selfless Things to Do This Holiday Season:

1.)  Offer free help:  Helping an elderly person cross the street, or carrying a stranger’s grocery bags to their car, are kind deeds that don’t cost a dime. These uncomplicated acts of kindness go a long way — and are likely, greatly appreciated.

2.)  Adopt a family:  Participate in an adopt-a-family program this holiday season.  Give a family in need a Christmas they will never forget.  For every family you adopt, you can give them food certificates, toys for the children — as well as hygiene products and clothing for older children and adults.

3.)  Volunteer:  One of the most unselfish things you can do this holiday season — and the rest of the year — is the act of volunteering.  No matter what we choose to volunteer our time and efforts toward, volunteering is a selfless act.  It improves the community and may bring joy and happiness to people involved.

4.)  Cook a meal for others:  Consider treating a family to a home-cooked meal this holiday season.  This kind and noble action may mean a great deal to a family.

5.)  Give away something important to you:  A real test of selflessness is to give away things that are important to us.  We can even sell our items and donate the money to a charity or family in need.

6.)  Visit a nursing home:  Nursing homes can be sad and lonely places during the holidays.  Sadly, some elderly residents never have visitors and often spend the holidays alone. You can make these senior citizens feel loved by visiting them during the holidays.  Sending gifts or cards to them are also acts of kindness and generosity.

7.)  Participate in a food drive:  During the holiday season, food drives help to feed families in most communities. Whether you donate produce, gift certificates, or canned goods, food drives are effective at feeding hungry people. Food drives are always in need of donations, as well as volunteers to help in organizing the event and delivering food to families.

8.)  Donate:  Donating is another unselfish act that you can participate in this holiday season. Donating makes a big difference and is easy to do. You can donate money to the charity of your choice, donate clothes to a homeless shelter, or donate toys and food to needy families this holiday season.

9.)  Get involved in fundraising: Fundraising is another kind and noble way to help others this holiday season.  Fundraising is instrumental in raising needed funds for organizations.  It also helps in raising awareness for a cause that matters to you.

10.)  Take time to listen:  Consider taking time out to listen to a family member, friend, coworker — or even a total stranger.  Don’t interject with advice or share your opinion unless they ask for it.  Simply listen.

11.)  Serve food to the homeless:  Serving food to the homeless is a kind and caring thing to do.

12.)  Cover someone’s holiday shift:  Working during the holidays keeps people from spending quality time with their loved ones. Consider covering the shift of a coworker who needs to see his or her family this holiday season.  Your coworker will remember your sacrifice on his or her behalf.

13.)  Adopt a pet: Give a cat or dog a home this holiday season.  Adopt the pet from an animal shelter or rescue service. You’ll get satisfaction from having a new found friend and companion.  And your pet will have a second chance at life.

14.)  Pay it forward: Make someone’s day.  Pay for someone’s order in a drive-thru line or at a restaurant.  Even though they may not get a chance to thank you, you can be certain your thoughtful and kind gesture brings them some needed satisfaction and delight.

15.)  Write letters of appreciation: This holiday season, take the time to write letters of appreciation to people you really appreciate — family, friends, coworkers, and postal service workers — anyone who makes a difference in your day.

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