14 Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Cat


There are some real health and psychological benefits to owning a cat. This goes beyond just enjoying having your cat around, giving it a bit of fussing and having some fun. You can experience some real health gains that will help you lead a happier, healthier and longer life.

So with benefits such as these, maybe it’s time to consider getting a cat. If you already have one, show a little more appreciation to your kitty and buy them some special treats!

So let’s take a look at 14 of the top health and psychological benefits to owning a cat:

1. Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

This sounds like a pretty big health benefit, and it is. Plus there is enough scientific evidence to back it up that you can feel pretty confident it’s real. The University of Minnesota carried out some research and found that people living without cats are as much as 40% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than their cat owning counterparts.

2. Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks

With awareness of heart attacks and cardiovascular issues more prevalent than ever, anything that helps reduce your own risk of a heart attack if worth considering. Owning a cat is known to help reduce your own risk of a heart attack. Stroking and enjoying that feline company is great for your heart, owners experience a much lower rate of attacks.

3. Boost to Your Immune System

We rely on our immune systems to ward off illnesses and annoying little bugs that get us down. So anything that can boost our immune systems can have a pretty big impact on our lives. The good news is the feelings and chemicals that release when we are spending time with our cats do exactly that, they help boost our immune systems.

4. Less Chance of Developing Allergies

Pets, and cats in particular help reduce the chance of developing allergies. Babies and young children in particular are susceptible to this benefit, as they grow and develop their immune system being exposed to pets helps them to build a greater barrier against developing allergies.

5. Soothe and Prevent Asthma in Children

There is some scientific evidence to show that cats can help prevent asthma in children, or soothe the effects of how severe the condition will be. Regular contact with a cat as a child grows up encourages a number of benefits, and this is one of the best.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an all too common problem in today’s society. Most of us live hectic lives and struggle to find the necessary time to look after ourselves. A passive way to do this is to own a cat. Stroking and fussing a cat is proven to lower blood pressure, it’s good for your health so maybe it’s time to consider it.

7. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Do you struggle with your cholesterol level? A lot of people do, it’s not that uncommon. But finding ways to lower your level so you avoid some of the health risks that come with it is the struggle. This is another area where cats come in to their own. In fact, in a lot of studies cats have proven to be more effective than traditional medicine, certainly something to look into.

8. Reduce Stress Levels

There are a wide range of psychological benefits to owning and looking after a cat, reducing stress is one of these benefits. Stress is more common than ever as we live in fast-paced hectic times, so if something as simple and rewarding as owning a cat can help – it’s something you should consider.

9. Reduced Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are often closely linked. Having a cat around can help with anxiety just as it can with stress. Fussing and stroking a cat is incredibly calming for the mind, body and soul. It’s nice to have a loving animal around too, cats are great at showing affection and lifting a person by just being near.

10. Mood Lifting

Whether it’s short or long term, your mood can be lifted by having a cat around the house. There is nothing quite like coming home to be greeted by your kitty circling your legs happy to see you. Even if they do end up almost tripping you up sometimes, they don’t mean it!

11. Helping with Depression

Depression is a very serious and dangerous mental condition. Any little things that can help can be very valuable, one of which is the company of a cat. I’m not suggesting that a cat is any form of cure, but they certainly help. Tied in with their ability to help with lifting moods, anxiety and such, it’s all linked to finding that feel good factor that cats are great at.

12. A Loneliness Cure

This is a fairly obvious point, but a very valid one. A lot of people have pets as companions, friends, and someone to talk to, as crazy as that sounds. If you live alone it can be depressing coming home to an empty house. Having a cat waiting for you will break that lonely feeling. Sometimes people who have lost someone close will get a cat, it’s by no means a replacement but can help a great deal.

13. Helping with Autism

Autism is a condition that makes social interaction difficult for the person with the condition. There have been many documented cases of a child with autism being given some responsibility for caring for a cat. A strong bond is formed and some of the difficult social barriers are broken down as they spend time communicating with the cat.

14. Live a Longer, Happier and Healthier Life

Taking into account all of the above mentioned points, in summary you will live a longer, happier and healthier life with a cat in your life. I appreciate a cat is not for everyone, and there are also a few downsides (which we are not talking about here), but there are so many upsides. If you have been on the fence for a while about owning a cat, what more do you need to know to convince you it’s a good idea?






I'm Olivia, a stay at home mother from Australia and I blog at www.EveryHomeRemedy.com. I have a sports science background and attained a Bachelor of Applied Science (Ex. Sci.). I believe in self-sustaining, eco-friendly family life, and I hope to inspire others in their pursuit of the same.