12 Surprising Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls


Nowadays, it’s all about living green and being able to reduce, reuse and recycle things in your household both to save space in landfills and also to save on your household budget! If you are always looking for ways to get the most out of what you have bought – read below to find out ways in which you can use or reuse old toilet paper rolls. It may seem like a small thing, but the average household goes through a lot of toilet paper and in the long run, this could mean a lot less waste around the home.

DIY Rocket

Because kids’ fascination with astronauts is endless, a homemade rocket ship based on a toilet paper roll is sure to be popular, especially if you let your kids put it together and paint it themselves.

Homemade Megaphones

Very young children will likely be thrilled when you start talking to them through a homemade toilet paper roll megaphone because of the way the voices are distorted. This is especially fun for toddlers.

Eyeglass Holder

Have your kids decorate the outside of this toilet paper roll and make an eyeglass holder for you or for themselves. It is a cute way to use them and protects the glasses, too.

Cat Toy

You can decorate the toilet paper roll as a mouse or other animal and turn it into a toy that your cat will get hours of fun with.

Heart Stamp

Another quick but fun project is to bend the toilet paper tube’s rim so it is roughly in the shape of a heart, then dip it in paint and let your kids stamp away with it. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Bathroom Deodorizer

If you want a simple way to keep your bathroom fresh, put a few drops of essential oil inside an old toilet paper tube and let it diffuse around the room; it will have it smelling great in no time.

Paper Tube Garden

Tracing and cutting out flowers and plants from the toilet paper rolls will give your kid a paper tube “garden” that can be proudly displayed on the windowsill.


Making garden gnomes using the toilet paper rolls and a conical cup for a hat is adorable: you can even glue on fake hair and eyes and have your kids paint them up in bright colors.

Make an Organizer

Make a fun and simple organizer with a series of toilet paper rolls nestled upright in a box. This is perfect for storing markers, pencils and other art supplies for your kids.

Cat in the Hat Puppet

Turn the old toilet roll tube into a Dr. Seuss-themed pop-up puppet. You can choose whatever characters your kids like best and even act out the stories with them.

Candle Cover

Electric Christmas candles get a whole new look when you pair them with decorated candle covers made from toilet paper tubes.

Marble Slide

You can make slides and other obstacle courses for your kid’s marbles with toilet paper tubes and a few other simple household supplies.

These art projects are not only good for cutting down on household waste. They are fun, inexpensive and creative ways to teach your children how to reduce, reuse and recycle as well.

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