These 12 Remarkable Facts Made Apple Cider Vinegar The Wonder ‘Drug’ of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Real organic apple cider vinegar, is made by fermenting pressed apple juice until the sugars turn to vinegar. Importantly, it should be made from organic apples and be unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized to keep the ‘mother’ intact.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is widely recognized as the most potent and beneficial of them all.  Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar is packed with raw enzymes and good bacteria which promote healthy digestion and improve a number of bodily functions.  While the acidic property of vinegar can make it somewhat detrimental in too large of quantity, there are many benefits to drinking a modest amount of ACV throughout your day.

12 Reason Apple cider vinegar (ACV) it should be in every home

Banish bad breath:

Easily one of the most embarrassing commonplace hygiene issues, dragon breath can be slayed with apple cider vinegar. How? It’s thought to kill the bacteria that cause odor—just gargle with it or sip a teaspoon to reap the fresh-breath benefits.

Help for hiccups:

Since hiccups are often caused by either low stomach acid slowing the digestion of protein, or eating too much…ACV can be a great solution for hiccups. It restores the acid balance in the stomach and eases irritating spasms of the diaphragm.

Diabetes Prevention:

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between apple cider vinegar and lower blood sugar levels. In one study participants took two tablespoons of ACV before bed and saw their blood sugar 4 to 6 percent by the time they woke. The antiglycemic effect of the acid in apple cider vinegar is what helps with insulin sensitivity.

Weight Loss:

Consuming apple cider vinegar can help you feel more full, which can help you eat less. A study has also shown acetic acid, found in ACV, to slow fat accumulation. If the flavor is too strong for you to sip on it’s own, try adding apple cider vinegar to juices, salad dressing, and even water to incorporate it into your diet.

Lower Cholesterol:

In addition to lowered blood sugar and weight loss, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed interesting findings regarding apple cider vinegar and cholesterol. Lowered VLDL levels and lowered triglycerides were discovered in lab rats who were given apple cider vinegar alongside a high cholesterol diet. The rat who were not given ACV did not see the same drop in cholesterol.


Apple cider vinegar can help detox your home, but it can also detox your body. It can help promote circulation and detoxify the liver. The acid in ACV can also bind to toxins which can assist in removing toxins from the body. Apple cider vinegar’s potassium content helps to break up mucus in the body and clearing the lymph nodes. This also aids in the removal of toxins. Add apple cider into your diet and check out these other ways to detox.

Help clear a stuffy nose:

Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink. This helps sinus drainage.

Sore Throat:

The bacteria fighting properties of apple cider vinegar work just about anywhere. Gargle equal parts warm water and apple cider vinegar at the first sign of a sore throat to keep it at bay and repeat every hour as needed.

Digestive Aid:

Having tummy troubles or know you’re going to eat something that you might regret later? Sip diluted apple cider vinegar (mixed in water or juice) to help settle that stomach. It’s the antibiotic properties and bacteria fighting power of ACV that help. Some say the pectin in apple cider vinegar also helps with intestinal spasms.

Itchy or Sunburned Skin:

Between the stinging, peeling, and red-hot skin, there are few things worse than a really bad sunburn. Apple cider vinegar, to the rescue! Add about a cup of the good stuff to your bath water to help soothe the burn.

Ease varicose veins:

ACV is great for varicose veins because it improves circulation in the vein wall and helps to ease the bulging and swelling vein so it is less noticeable and less painful. Combine equal parts ACV and your favorite lotion. Apply morning and night to varicose veins in a circular motion until absorbed. Depending on the severity of your varicose veins, you should begin to see improvement within a month.

Wart Remover:

Though we wish they were exclusive to wicked witches, warts can happen to anyone. When they rear their ugly heads, try using apple cider vinegar to kick this curse. Your plan of action: Douse a cotton ball in the vinegar and secure it to the affected area overnight.

More energized:

Ditch those bottled energy drinks! (You know they’re really not good for you.) If you’re hitting a slump, try mixing up a natural booster—one that includes apple cider vinegar, which contains potassium and enzymes. Those health boosters may help rocket you into a higher gear. Try simply mixing it together with water (2 teaspoons ACV per 2 cups of water), and add some honey if you want a little hint of sweetness.


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