10 Super-Effective Natural Ways to Control High Blood Pressure


Approximately 40 percent of the world’s population suffers from disorders that are related to blood pressure. Did you know that with high blood pressure, the risk of developing serious conditions such as hemorrhagic stroke, coronary heart disease and ischaemia? You may think that high blood pressure only occurs with age or due to other health conditions such as pregnancy, but this is far from the truth. With unhealthy lifestyles and diets in this day and age, high BP can affect even adolescents.

Can High BP Lead to Other Conditions?

Yes, it can. High BP is known to cause other health conditions. Strain on muscles in the heart and arterial pressure is increased when one suffers from high blood pressure. It is due to this that high BP patients are more susceptible to hypersensitive heart disease as well as conditions that involve the arteries.

Home Remedies for Controlling High BP

Here is a list of the 10 best home remedies that you can use to control high blood pressure. Not only do they work well for patients with high BP but also provide overall health benefits.

1, Increase celery intake: Celery is a plant that is packed with fiber and has huge benefits for your heart. It also contains a certain type of photo-chemical known as 3N butylphthalide that helps in the reduction of blood pressure.

2, Snack on veggie juices: When you feel peckish, avoid processed or packaged snacks and drink a glass of vegetable juice instead. Experts recommend two glasses a day to control high BP.

3, Drink juice made with ginger and honey: All you need is a teaspoon of ginger juice, cumin seeds and honey to make this drink. 2 glasses of ginger and honey juice a day will do wonders in lowering your blood pressure.

4, Sip on coconut water: High BP patients need to hydrate their bodies well. According to a research published in 2005 in the West Indian Medical Journal, coconut water is loaded with Vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, making it effective in lowering systolic blood pressure.

5, Try Indian gooseberries: Also known as amla, Indian gooseberries are known to have medicinal properties to help lower blood pressure and also in the prevention of plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries.

6, Keep spuds in your diet: Potatoes have high potassium and magnesium levels, which are beneficial for decreasing blood pressure. Purple potatoes, though rare and expensive, are considered healthiest; so try to add them to your daily diet.

7, Do not shy away from garlic: This great herb has many medicinal properties. It slows down atherosclerosis development and controls blood pressure levels. Add it to dishes or eat a crushed clove with a teaspoon of honey every day to gain its benefits.

8, Eat more bananas: This super-fruit is one that has rich potassium content, making it an effective food to control high BP. Make bananas a part of your breakfast diet and see the wonders it does for your blood pressure level.

9, Stock up on lemons: These fruits have the ability to soften blood vessels and make them pliable. This in turn helps in preventing rigidity from occurring in the arteries.

10, Consume watermelon seeds: Watermelons contain L-citrulline which is an amino acid that is a powerful cure for high blood pressure. Roast the seeds and grind them into powder form. Make a drink by boiling a tablespoon of the powder in two cups of water. Strain it, and drink the beverage every day to control high BP.

With these great home remedies, you can control high blood pressure and gain other health benefits as well!




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