10 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body Every Day


Our body is exposed to toxins every day. These nasty chemicals are hiding in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, or cosmetics and household products we use. Although our body is an ingenious system that cleans up the mess, too much toxins or waste materials can seriously damage your health and weight loss efforts.

Let’s take a look at 10 simple ways to give your body a break from the toxic overload our fast-paced modern lifestyle creates.

1.    Start Your Day With Lukewarm Lemon Water

The only thing you need to do is squeeze half a lemon (or whole lemon) in 1 glass lukewarm water. It’s a great alternative to caffeine to wake your body, kick start digestion, alkalize your body, and stimulate your liver to eliminate more toxins and waste materials.

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2.    Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of pure, plain water a day. Aim for at least 8 glasses or more if you live an active lifestyle. Drinking enough water helps to flush out more toxins and excess fat. Stay away from coffee and try green tea instead. Its powerful antioxidants promote detoxification and weight loss.

3.    Dry Brush Your Skin

Dry brush your skin before you hit the shower to stimulate lymph and blood circulation, which supports toxin elimination. It also helps to get rid of death skin cells. Use a natural soft bristle brush and make long, gentle strokes towards your heart. Start with your feet and ankles and work your way up.

4.    Hot And Cold Showers Or Go To A Sauna

Another great way to stimulate circulation and invigorate your skin is through exposing your body to contrasting temperatures. Start with hot water for 10-30 seconds, then turn to cold, and back to hot. Repeat as you wish. And another great way to improve circulation and eliminate toxins through your sweat is to regularly go to a sauna combined with cold bathing or practice hot yoga.

5.    Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises activate your parasympathetic nervous system and increase oxygen flow to help burn fat, speed up metabolism, and eliminate more waste materials.

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6.    Fiber-up

Soluble fibers from fresh fruits and vegetables bind toxins to keep your gut clean and avoid toxin build-ups. Green smoothies are an excellent way to get plenty of detoxing foods into your body. Click here to download my free green smoothie eBook.

7.    Exercise

Regular exercise improves blood and lymph flow and brings up a sweat. No need to go to extremes. Simple yoga stretches or a 30 minute walk will do the trick.

8.    Eat Clean, Organic, Whole Foods As Much As Possible

Not only will they add up in fiber, they prevent toxins from entering your body in the first place. Processed, packaged, or conventionally grown food is loaded with pesticides, GMOs, additives, preservatives, and other questionable chemicals that can seriously damage your body.

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9.    Opt For Organic Skin Care And Household Products

Opt for organic or homemade cosmetics or household products. Toxins are easily absorbed into our skin and enter the blood stream. Make sure to read labels and avoid all ingredients you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize as safe and natural.

10.  Relax and Soak In A Detox Bath For 20-30 Minutes

There are a few bath recipes you can try. Add freshly grated ginger to your bath and fill with hot water. The ginger helps you to sweat and eliminate more toxins. 1 cup of apple cider vinegar or baking soda will have the same effect. Add your favorite essential oil(s) for a nice and relaxing scent.

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Keep these tips in mind to detox your body on a daily basis to improve your health and weight. The goal is to continuous improve and reduce as much toxins out of your daily life as possible. Start with small adjustments and see what works for your family.


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Amy Goodrich
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