10 Hidden Health Secrets of Lemons


Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the health benefits of lemons. They detoxify the liver and can effectively kill off bacteria and viruses as well as boost weight loss. They are rich in in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Below are some additional health benefits of this amazing citrus fruit.
Fight Acne
Because it is rich in citric acid, lemons can clear up acne flare-ups. The acid kills off the bacteria which causes acne and leave behind healthy glowing skin. Apply a small amount of lemon juice to the acne, then leave it overnight and rinse the next morning.

Reduce Stress
Lemon balm or lemon oil can reduce stress by relieving tension, anxiety and the physical fatigue and exhaustion that can accompany these feelings. It has improves mental focus and acuity. Infusing a few drops of the oil to use as an air freshener is a good way to take advantage of this benefit.

Heal Canker Sores
Lemon’s ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses can also help heal painful canker sores naturally. Rinse the mouth out three times a day with a mixture of lemon and warm water. The lemon juice might sting when it comes into contact with the sore, but this will be reduced over time.

Reduce Fever
Whether the fever is the result of a viral or bacterial infection or other cause, lemon can help naturally take the body down to a normal temperature. The best method for this is to drink a combination of lemon, hot water and honey every 2 hours until the fever breaks.

Treat Colds and Flus
Because lemons have antiviral properties and are rich in Vitamin C, they are a perfect natural treatment for colds and flus. Drinking lemon in hot water every two hours at the first sign of illness can boost the immune system and it can also be used as a gargle to sooth sore throats.

Poultice Corns or Calluses
A slice of lemon applied to a corn or callus then bandaged and kept there overnight can help to soft and heal these annoying skin conditions. During the day, trying applying essential lemon oil directly to the affected area (but do not use on already healthy skin!).

Reduce Eczema
Lemons can also help to clear up conditions like eczema. Use a lemon wrap by soaking linen cloth in a combination of 1 cup water, 8 drops lemon oil and tablespoon honey, then applying it to the affected skin for 15 minutes, 3 times a day.

Fight Fatigue
Adding lemon oil to an aromatherapy infuser or drinking lemon water throughout the day can reduce fatigue. It also improves the mind’s ability to concentrate.

Sweeten the Breath
Cigarettes, alcohol or spicy food can leave the breath sour. Sweeten and freshen it with a rinse of lemon water several times a day. Chewing on a lemon after a meal can also help.

Nourish Your Heart
Suffuse garlic and onion in milk, then add lemon after cooling and drink to help nourish the heart. This will reduce both high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both major risk factors for heart attacks.

So whether the problem is a skin flare-up, fatigue or high cholesterol, trying treating it with lemons. The health benefits of this fruit are truly amazing.

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