10 Herbal Teas That Will Work Wonders On Your Digestion


It is a little-known secret that drinking a good cup of herbal tea immediately after a meal can significantly improve your digestion. These potent and healthy drinks serve to absorb excess gas, get your blood circulation moving, and reduce your overall stress level. As if that were not reason enough to drink herbal teas, they also can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Detoxification of your body
  • Help with constipation or diarrhea
  • Fighting ulcers
  • Fighting infections in your intestines

This is really just the tip of the herbal iceberg, but it will suffice to indicate that herbal teas are a powerful natural remedy that should not be overlooked. By drinking them after, instead of before or during, a meal, you bolster their positive effects on your digestive processes.

Here listed below is a list of herbs that work great in teas and can be a genuine help to you.

1. Ginger Root

Fresh ginger is a veritable natural medicine. It aids your body in absorbing nutrients properly, cleans toxin out of your system, and generally stimulates the digestive process. Just trim the skin off of fresh ginger root and boil it in a little water for some potent herbal tea.

2. Dandelion

The roots and leaves of dandelions function as digestive aids and as mild laxatives. Little did you know what herbal magic lurked in those “weeds” that cover your lawn ever spring.

3. Chamomile

The positive effects of chamomile are numerous. It can do all of the following: help with stomach cramps, reduce stress, reduce gas and bloating, cut down on heartburn, give relief from headaches, and fight nausea.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm in your tea will calm down a troubled digestive tract. It also cuts down on stomach cramps, gas, and bloating. Besides the digestive relief, it will also give you a good dose of important nutrients.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint does more than flavor your favorite candy. It also acts as a natural remedy against irritable bowl syndrome and digestive spasms.

6. Fennel Seeds

These tiny seeds do wonders for your digestive process. Additionally, they have a peculiar ability as an anti-flatulent.

7. Lemon Verbena

Gas, cramping, and general digestive distress can also be combated by adding Lemon Verbena to your tea water.

8. Burdock Root

Tea made from burdock root is best taken, unlike the other herbs listed here, about 20 minutes prior to eating your meal. It increases the digestive juices released in your stomach and intestines. Thus, one who suffers from already too high levels of digestive acids should avoid it. If you are pregnant, you should also avoid it. Consult a doctor before taking burdock root. For many, it is a great choice, but make sure you are not one of those rare individuals who cannot tolerate it.

9. Yellow Dock

This herb increases bile production, helps liver function, acts as a mild laxative, and improves overall digestive health.

10. Gentian Root

Gentian root boosts the levels of digestive juices that are secreted. It also improves the functioning of your gall bladder.


Diffusing natural herbs into tea water is an excellent way to rapidly absorb them. Many herbs have properties that can promote digestive health. Almost everyone can access at least some of the herbs listed above with a little effort. When you are suffering from digestive distress, it truly is worth that extra effort to find a tea that fixes or at least mitigates the problem. Making herbal teas a regular part of your diet is a healthy practice that will pay dividends, including a more pleasant digestive experience.

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