10 Fluoride Facts You Should Know About


Fluoride has been put into the American water supply for decades now and was originally meant to help prevent tooth decay, a widespread problem here at one point in history. This has been going on so long that many Americans accept it as normal and do not even think about it, but it has come under recent scrutiny as more people start to question no only its efficacy is promoting dental health but also the ethical issues surrounding putting chemicals into the public water supply. Below are ten facts about fluoridation you might not have been aware of.

The Majority of other Developed Countries do not

Fluoridate their Water

In contrast to the United States, where nearly everyone drinks fluoridated water, nearly 97% of the European population does not. Populations Drinking Fluoridated Water have do Difference in Rates of Tooth Decay.

When a comparison is made between population with and without fluoridated drinking water, there is found to be no significant difference in rates of tooth decay between the two.

Fluoride Affects Many Parts of the Body

Fluoride does not just affect the gums as many people believe. As a matter of fact, scientists have come to the conclusion that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor and can alter hormones that in turn effect things like the thyroid gland, bones, brain, pineal gland and blood sugar levels.

Fluoridation is not a Natural Process

Although some water in the use is fluoridated naturally due to soil composition, most of the fluoride is deliberately added and is not a naturally occurring form of this element.

40% of Teenagers Present with Fluorosis

It is estimated that approximately 40% of all American teenagers present with symptoms of fluorosis, changing in the appearance of teeth and gums that is due to fluoride overexposure.

Risk to Infants

Infants are given formulas mixed with fluoridated tap water have shown to dental advantage but do present with lower IQ’s on average, especially in areas with fluoridation is high.

Fluoride Supplements not FDA-Approved

Fluoride supplements are occasionally prescribed for those whose drinking water is not fluoridated, but the FDA has no approved these supplements.

Mass Medication

Since fluoride is put into the drinking water for help prevent the disease of tooth decay, it is technically a medication; this makes fluoridation a kind of mass medication that does not ask for the consent of individuals first.

Topical Benefit

Fluoride does provide some benefits to the teeth through topical content, but adding in to water or taking it as a pill, both of which are swallowed, shows no proven benefit to the teeth.

Disadvantage Areas more Affected

Fluoride toxicity has a bigger impact in disadvantaged areas, where conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, nutrient deficiencies and the consumption of infant formula are also more prevalent.

In short, the United States is one of the few developed countries in the world which puts medicine into the public water supply, a medicine furthermore with no proven medical benefits but with many questions regards its effect on long-term health. Given this, it is little wonder that this practice is coming under such heavy scrutiny.

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