10 Effective Hacks to Turn Your Garden Pool Into a Paradise Corner


The garden pool is the ideal feature in many people’s dream gardens. Whether it is big enough for 20 people, or small enough for just one, the pool represents luxury and relaxation all at once. For the best gardens, you want to create a little piece of paradise in your own home. To help give you some inspiration, here are ten effective hacks that can transform any pool into something heavenly.


Sometimes you don’t want to swim in the pool, but still appreciate the reflective beauty of water. For this, some external seating is perfect. This can be as complex as decking, or just a few lawn chairs placed in an ample corner. This gives you somewhere to relax and adds versatility for the pool area itself.


There’s nothing quite like taking a swim when it’s getting dark. Additional lighting can transform a pool in many ways. The reflective light creates a soft atmosphere that makes the garden an entirely different space once the sun goes down. There are many garden lamps available online or you might try out your local DIY shop, so see what you can find!

Cocktail / Serving Bar

If you truly want to feel like you’re on holiday, it helps to have drinks by the pool. This is perfect for those beautiful summer sunny days and all you need is a simple table or counter, although you can be much more elegant if you have the space. This is the perfect spot to make cocktails or other tropical drinks without having to go inside.

Sunscreens / Shade

Sometimes you want to enjoy the pool but not get sunburn. As a result, shade is always a good idea and, done right, can help add even more tropical elegance to your humble garden. Bamboo screening, for example, provides ample shade, privacy and pleasing aesthetics.

Relaxing Sounds

What does relaxation sound like? Some people prefer gentle chimes, others prefer the gentle sounds of the lapping sea. There are many ways to add relaxing background noise to your pool. Wind chimes are a common example, yet even a music player will let you chill out exactly when you want to.

Pool Accessories

A few accessories in the pool can really change how you use it. Do you have children? Try a few inflatable toys. For older groups, how about a volleyball net and beach ball? If you just want to relax, an inflatable stretcher or chair is ideal. Even the smallest pool can fit these and they’re very economical too.


When you walk between the indoors and outdoors of your home, you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re bringing onto the carpet. If you can’t afford to place tiles or other dry surfaces down, find a temporary surface, such as wood planks. Sometimes, not having to worry about cleaning the carpet can be heavenly all by itself.

Pick a Theme

The problem with many garden pools is they often don’t have a matching landscape. For a space where you can truly relax, it’s best to pick a theme you enjoy and make any change you can. Music, color and plants can all help. Maybe you favor something tropical or traditional? The choice is yours.

Make The Pool A Focal Point

One of the biggest issues many owners have with their pool is that it often comes after the garden. As such, it can easily look out of place, even subconsciously. Try moving furniture and larger objects around to border the pool, rather than blocking access. Hotels don’t obstruct your view of the pool, so why should you?

New Paint

Sometimes all you need to improve your surroundings is a touch of color. A dull brown fence doesn’t add much to your pool experience, but a brighter tone, such as white, will change that. Add enough new color in and you’ll quickly start to feel happier and more relaxed – perfect for a garden pool!


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