10 Definite Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings


One of the most widespread addictions to plague the common man is the sweet tooth, that craving for sugar that make us eat stuff we intellectually know we shouldn’t. But freeing ourselves from the slavery of this unhealthy indulgence does not mean starving our bodies from anything. On the contrary, you need to give your body (and your mind) what it really needs to be healthy.

Here I shall give you 10 ways to help you quit the sugar. While they won’t do the job for you themselves, since only you yourself can make it happen, they may offer you the necessary help to make the transition from sugar-slave to sugar-free a lot easier.


  • 1. Stop eating sugar

While this may seem obvious, and at the same time too difficult and sudden, the best thing you can do when trying to defeat your sugar cravings is to not eat any sugar during that crucial period when you’re trying to rid yourself of the addiction. The first days will usually be hard, but then, with a little help from the other points, the cravings should dissipate.


  • 2. Motivate yourself with the facts

Sometimes, just reading a health book on the damaging effects of white processed sugar is enough to make any cravings vanish like shadows at dawn. Somehow it doesn’t seem as seductive when you learn what it does.


  • 3. Eat cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only excellent at diminishing sugar cravings; it has also been shown in studies to improve insulin resistance, helping with weight control, Type 2 Diabetes and protecting against heart disease.  The best cinnamon is the one from Ceylon, also called “True Cinnamon”. Just eat a lot of it while trying to get of the sugar, and it should be of great help.


  • 4. Use honey instead of sugar

A good quality honey not only requires lower insulin levels than sugar, it is also a jam-packed treasure of healthy nutrients, making it a true superfood. (Doesn’t mean you can binge eat it!)


  • 5.  If not honey, then alternative sugar

Raw cane sugar is a better choice than regular white sugar. And a really good choice is Stevia, the herb used for centuries in South America. It contains no calories, and has no effects on the insulin production of our body. Still, it is 300 times sweeter than sugar.


  • 6. Eat fruits

Instead of your daily dose of sugar and fat, eat some bananas, dates, berries or watermelon or whatever fruits you may like. These are actually healthy desserts, that literally grow on trees!


  • 7. Whatever you do, don’t use artificial sweeteners

Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup and other artificial sweeteners are very toxic to living creatures. For starters, Aspartame is an excito-toxin, and HFCS has been shown to have mercury contamination. Compared to this, regular white sugar is better.


  • 8. You can save money

Think about all the daily candy and treats, chocolates and ice creams that you will no longer waste your money on. A heavy burden will be lifted. Think of it as making your wallet fatter and your body thinner, and your life longer.


  • 9. Supplement with much needed nutrients

A lot of the cravings that we have are simply our body telling us that it is starved of nutrients. Because of modern agriculture the soils have unfortunately been depleted, making a todays supermarket tomato contain less nutrition than half a century ago. Supplement and a lot of cravings should vanish.


  • 10. Stay positive and optimistic

The last thing you want is a negative and pessimistic mind. Be positive that you can turn your life around, and be excited about the challenge. Be happy about the fact that all you need to do to beat the un-healthy addictions is to live a healthier life.


In the end, it is up to you what you want to do; do you want to completely quit eating white sugar, just minimize it, or keep eating the amount that you are? Choose wisely, and may health follow.


James Henrik
As a researcher, traveller, musician and supporter of liberty, I spend a lot of time thinking, philosophizing and analyzing the reality in which we live, and the world which we have constructed, and I feel like I have a lot that I must convey to people, as best as I can.

For the sake of freedom, health and all that is natural and good, let's raise the consciousness of as many people as we can.